At his first meeting of Muellenberg commissioners after he was accused of violating the state’s electoral code, Commissioner John “Butch” Imhoff delivered a fiery speech that echoed his previous criticism of the Mulenberg school district.

“I’ll tell you something straight from the horse’s mouth,” Imhoff said in the final minutes of the meeting. “A few weeks ago I was arrested for violating the election.”

At a meeting Monday, Imhoff said the accusation of anonymously distributing thousands of leaflets in support of four candidates in the school council election in Muellenberg in November should have diverted attention from the real problems facing the school.

“As far as I’m concerned, this school is on fire,” Imhoff said.

Imgoff did not have the permission of the selected candidates to send leaflets, and one of the candidates reported being sent to the police in the village of Müllenberg.

The candidate, named in Witness 1’s testimony, condemned the leaflets and their “negative and swearing at other government officials” in an October Facebook post.

On January 27, Berks County Detective Pamela A. Mathias filed a misdemeanor charge against Imhoff.

At a meeting on Monday, Imhoff accused a member of the school board, whose name he did not name, of “bringing it all together”.

“I don’t know anyone who has been arrested for not mentioning his name on a postcard,” he said.

In his address, Imhoff expressed several criticisms of the school district, including the continuous increase in property taxes and low test scores.

“In fact, they are exposing children who don’t really have an education,” Imhoff said, “and we’re paying for it.”

Other commissioners listened and did not respond. So are the spectators.

Immediately failed to get comment from the school board.

A preliminary hearing for Imhoff is scheduled for April.

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