The release date of the HBO documentary with Jonathan Groff at the Spring Awakening reunion concert; Count talks about the movie on “Tonight Show” Entertainment

HBO has announced the release date of a music documentary that is a career moment for Lancaster County actor Jonathan Groff.

The Count is also the star and executive producer of Spring Awakening: Those You Know, which documents last year’s 15th anniversary concert, starring the original actors of the Broadway rock musical Spring Awakening.

The premiere of the film will take place at 9pm on Tuesday, May 3, on HBO and will be available for broadcast on HBO Max, the network said Tuesday.

The Count appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” on Tuesday night to talk about the upcoming film and impressions of the concert, noting that the concert raised more than $ 24 million for The Actors Fund. This non-profit organization offers support to those in need of the entertainment industry, including those who lost their jobs in the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Directed by Michael John Warren and produced by RadicalMedia, “Spring Awakening: Those You Know” takes place behind the scenes of a concert in November 2021 that brought together the original cast, band and creative team of the Broadway show that made the Count a star.

The Count, a native of Ronks and a graduate of Canesto Valley, received his first Tony Award nomination for his role as main character Melchior Gabar in a show that opened on Broadway in 2006.

The musical, based on a German play by Franz Wedekind in 1891, tells the story of a group of high school students who study their sexuality and come to terms with the lack of information and support they receive from parents and teachers in their lives.

The show has received eight Tony Awards, including Best Musical, Best Book and Best Music.

On Tuesday, April 5, actor Jonathan Grof talks to Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon about the upcoming documentary Spring Awakening.

On The Tonight Show, Groff told Fallon about his experience of reuniting with actors for a concert and a fundraising documentary.

“We got together and performed from the show, and it was so emotional, and it meant so much to all of us and to the audience,” Count Fallon said.

According to him, the documentary is about reunification, but also about the legacy of the “Spring Awakening” and how it changed our whole lives, and how theater can change people’s lives – especially the lives of young people. Especially after the theater is gone for so long, we feel so happy that we have this record of the play.

“I watched the documentary, and I’m a little embarrassed as I cry through this whole thing,” Grof said. He said that when his colleague and close friend Leo Michelle at rehearsals started singing the first number of the show “Mama Who Bore Me”, we all just lost it and everyone was just emotional wreckage. And it was so healing to get together after 15 years of separation. “

The Count was also nominated for a Tony Award for his role as King George III in Hamilton and received an Emmy Award for a filmed version of the hit. He shared the Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album with the actors “Spring Awakening” and “Hamilton”.

The Count is also known for voicing Christophe’s character in the popular Disney animated films “Frozen” and starred in TV series including “Looking”, “Mindhunter” and “Glee”.

The Count, who appeared in the 2021 action sequel “The Resurrection Matrix”, got a role in a future film by M. Knight Shemalan called “Knock on the Cabin.”

You can watch the video from Count’s performance at the “Tonight Show” is here; note that there is some adult language killed in the segment.

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On Tuesday, April 5, actor Jonathan Grof talks to Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon about the upcoming documentary Spring Awakening.

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