What you need to know

  • Hurricane Ian has made landfall in Florida and is expected to make landfall in South Carolina.
  • The storm will continue to weaken as it moves north over land toward the Philadelphia region.
  • Expect lots of rain from the remnants of Ian on Saturday, especially.

Ian, downgraded to a tropical storm from a powerful Category 4 hurricane is expected to move back into the Atlantic Ocean on Thursday before making landfall again somewhere in South Carolina on Friday.

Although the storm is expected to weaken as it makes its second trip over the continental US, it will still affect the Philadelphia region as its remnants move north over the weekend.

The First Weather Alert team is tracking the storm and answering questions about what effects it may have on our region and beyond, including whether its rains could affect the Phillies’ game in Washington, D.C., with Friday through Sunday and the Eagles play at South Philadelphia on Sunday.

How much of Jan will come to the Philadelphia area?

Ian will dump moisture from the tropics north into our area, bringing rain.

When will it start raining?

Rain is expected across South Jersey and Delaware Friday night. It will spread northward – eventually covering our entire area overnight. On Saturday we will wake up to rain.

How much rain will we have?

These are the approximate precipitation totals for the Philadelphia region:

  • South Jersey and Delaware: 2 to 4 inches
  • Philadelphia and suburbs: 1 to 2 inches
  • Lehigh Valley and northern suburbs: Less than half an inch

Drought is a concern in the region, so all this rain could help alleviate it.

Will the wind be a problem?

Wind gusts of 20 to 30 mph are expected over the weekend. Stormy weather may persist until Wednesday.

What areas will have the greatest impact?

Localized flooding is possible in areas with poor drainage and in low-lying areas.

Winds should be more noticeable along the coast and in South Jersey and Delaware.

What could happen in Washington, D.C., where the Phillies are going to play 4 games against the Nationals?

There will be heavy rains in the national capital on Saturday, and rains are expected on Sunday. Stay tuned to see how this affects the Phillies’ schedule. Saturday night’s game was already on rescheduled for Friday at 1:05 p.m.

Will it still rain in Philadelphia when the Eagles play at 1pm on Sunday?

Expect scattered showers and light showers Sunday afternoon. The heaviest/persistent rain is expected on Saturday.

When will the sky clear?

Sunshine, along with drier weather, will finally return on Wednesday after showers that continue on Monday and Tuesday.

Can rough surf continue to be a problem?

Yes, follow any warnings or watches that are issued.

As always, definitely download the NBC10 program on your device so you can get our latest weather forecasts and track rain with live radar no matter where you are.