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In this fully connected world have you ever wondered what people did for entertainment to the internet, to YouTube, DVD, video, television or radio, even electricity? Access to music was not so daily unless you made it yourself. Wealthy patrons commissioned works and hired professional musicians. Ancient music was played in living rooms and churches. The Repast Baroque Ensemble presents a window into these living rooms with its early music rehearsal and authentic period instruments played in historical context, at the final concert of the 2010-2011 Gettysburg Community Concert Season, Tuesday, May 3, at 7:30 pm in the High School Auditorium Gettysburg.

For this program “Bach and before” the trio returns to the music of Northern Europe, a kind of return home. In addition, as musicians who studied in America, they were educated according to a curriculum based on German classical music, and the institutes of classical music in the United States for most of its history were dominated by German immigrants. Finally, like many of their colleagues who worked on the instruments of the era, they were initially drawn into the field of historically sound performance by the desire to comprehend the depths of the music of the most mystical and austere musicians, compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach.

Repast puts Bach in context, exploring the generation of German composers who preceded and influenced him, but have since been largely neglected. Dietrich Buxtehude and his contemporaries (Heinrich Schmelzer, Philipp Heinrich Erlebach, Georg Mufat) left behind dances, fugues, arias and fantasies that excite emotions, stimulate the mind and even from time to time tickle funny bones. And, of course, Bach himself demonstrates his brilliant sonata in G minor and sonata in C major. These wonderful works honor and use the unique sounds and techniques of the violin and harpsichord.

Admission to the concert is by seasonal membership or a total admission of $ 15. As always, there is plenty of free parking and easy access to the large comfortable auditorium. A short gathering of members will take place before the concert.

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