The Seneca Valley School Board will consider changing the mask requirements

HARMONY, Pennsylvania (KDKA) – The Seneca Valley School District has one of the longest tenure on masks since the start of the COVID pandemic. But that could change quickly, despite warnings from health officials.

Pennsylvania has not had a school mask mandate since December, when a state Supreme Court ruling terminated it. Since then, school districts have created their own mask rules.

Seneca Valley has set its own mandate for masks, but the issue will now be brought up for discussion at an upcoming school board meeting on Monday.

“My son has asthma and he’s fine because he has to, but now is 2022 and I think the time has come,” Ms. Patty said.

Ms. Patty says the frustration of washing her son’s mask every day is constant, and she believes everyone should have a choice.

“Sign the waiver. If you want to wear it, if you don’t want to wear it, I think that’s where we need to go,” she said. “I don’t think we should make kids wear them.”

Meanwhile, doctors say progress has been made, but don’t think the transfer rate is now where they should be. According to the CDC, all counties in our district still have high transmission rates.

“I am confident that children will be safe to remove their masks at school, especially in schools with high levels of vaccination. I am concerned that we have not yet achieved,” said Dr. Megan Renny.

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Isha Nguya’s father says that regardless of Monday’s decision, her child will continue to wear a mask in class.

“I still keep it on my kids to make sure everyone is safe to make sure they don’t get infected at school,” Isha Nguya said.

If the school board votes to waive the mandate, it will change from mandatory to highly recommended. The new rules will take effect on February 28.

Meanwhile, the CDC recommends that all schools continue to encourage the wearing of masks indoors as the number of cases remains high.

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