The shortage of counselors in the camp puts parents in heavy responsibilities

PITTSBURG (KDKA) – Many summer camps in the Pittsburgh area have increased due to a lack of applicants to the camp.

The West Pennsylvania Boys and Girls Club and several other organizations hosting summer camps told KDKA that this year has been the most challenging to fill camp counselor positions.

School is almost over for the summer, but many children may find themselves on a waiting list for summer camp.

“It’s hard because we have space in the buildings, but we don’t have the staff to fill the positions,” said Jesse Marsh, vice president of development and philanthropy for the Western PA Boys and Girls Club.

Marsh said they would like to hire 12 to 15 additional camp counselors, whom they call youth development specialists, for their day camps at seven club locations in Allegheny and Somerset counties.

“We are limiting our opportunities, now we can’t take in more young people, we only have waiting lists, but if we can hire a few more staff for the summer, we will be able to take more children into the program,” Marsh said.

Marsh said the Boys and Girls Club made the position more attractive. They will pay $ 15 an hour, provide free virtual health care and are entitled to a $ 250 bonus for working all 10 weeks.

“We hope that such benefits make the position even more attractive. It’s a great summer job, it’s a lot of fun, so we hope to get a few more contenders before the summer,” Marsh said.

She said parents should not give up the search to keep children busy and active during this summer vacation.

“Definitely fit on the waiting list, and now is the time to fill out registration and enroll in summer camps because all organizations face the same shortage of staff and will probably have to limit registration, so now is the time to come,” Marsh said.

The summer program of the Western PA Boys ‘and Girls’ Club takes place from June 13 to August 19.

Interested applicants can apply for the position of camp consultant at the boys ‘and girls’ club online or send a resume and cover letter to

The YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh faces the same challenge. Kimberly Black, regional director of the YMCA Greater Pittsburgh Family Camp, said they need to fill 20 consultant positions for their 15 summer day camp locations. She said some of their sites had to close registration and start a waiting list, but they would reopen if they hired more consultants. Y also needs consultants for overnight stays.

The YMCA camps in Allegheny County begin June 6-20 and end August 19.

Applicants may apply for counseling positions at the YMCA camp online.

A spokesman for the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy said they no longer hire staff for their summer camps and no longer accept children. They said it was difficult to take office this year.

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