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3 observations after the Sixers defeat in Game 5 of Heath originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

Miami – When the Sixers play the 7th game in their second round series against Heath, they will revisit the arena where they were just defeated.

On Tuesday night, Miami blew up the Sixers and won the series 3-2, spending 120-85 at the FTX Arena.

Jimmy Butler continued the game with 40 points, scoring 23 points, nine rebounds and six assists.

Joel Embide scored 17 points on the team when shooting 7 to 12.

Kyle Lowry missed Game 5 due to a sprained left hamstring that repelled him in the first two competitions of the series.

Game 6 will take place Thursday night in Philadelphia. Here are the observations on Hard Game 5 for the Sixers:

Butler takes control at the start

Butler was on the verge of a magnet in the first quarter. Wherever he wants to be on the floor, he is sure to get there.

The 32-year-old scored nine points with an undisputed quick break after James Harden’s reversal, and Miami increased the score to 15-10. After that, Max Strus ’three-pointers increased the Hit’s advantage to double-digit. The concussion made another triple at the end of the first and played with Butler with 11 points during that period.

The Sixers had a good time when Butler took threes and he made one of two early attempts. However, this is very low on the list of his best skills. In large games where regularly managing base entry passes and offensive structure can be challenging, Butler’s physicality tends to stand out. Once he gets the ball, he will defend his man and use whatever time it takes to play to his advantage. Also, in this series it was especially noticeable that he is a star with low turnover and great use. Miami scored the first 10 points of the game from the revs.

It was undeniable that the Sixers lagged behind the first, despite the fact that Embid played the entire quarter.

A couple of new wrinkles

Head coach Eric Spoelstra gave Duncan Robinson the first minutes of the series without rotation. The 28-year-old was five seconds late in the start period.

Starting in the 2020 NBA Finals in the Heath, Robinson got six minutes and was without points until the garbage. Nothing special from him Miami needed. His first points in the series were threes in the fourth quarter, which increased the advantage of “Hit” to 31 points in the fourth.

The Sixers also tried something out of the ordinary pattern, though it didn’t last long. Paul Reed played well early in the second quarter, scoring six points directly from offensive rebounds through one and one, a postponement and a pass to Shake Milton’s triple. Sixers head coach Doc Rivers detained him as a forward when Embid returned.

Spoelstra set a time-out, and almost everything immediately after the resumption of the game went in Miami’s favor. Victor Oladip scored three of his 11 points in the second quarter, Milton missed two shots in the paint, and Reed was unable to catch a pass from Reed inside. Leading Embide Reed played together for 63 seconds.

Depth mattered in this series, but Aladip’s good quarter and Spoelstra’s, who have good second-block options, are no reason for the Sixers to drop 20 points at the end of the third.

A terrible spectacle, a miserable night for Embiid

From 6:11 a.m. to the second, Embid lay on the ground, holding his face, a protective mask to the side. Sixers medical staff hurried to the 7-foot.

This was shown by reruns on TNT Davene Deadman from close range hit the ball in the face of Embidwhich was a disturbing sight for a player who suffered a right orbit fracture last Thursday.

Rivers received a technical foul protesting against the non-challenge, and Embid also expressed his displeasure to officials as soon as he got up. The five-time All-Star contestant eventually headed to the bench, where it turned out he underwent a brief visual inspection and was able to stay in the game.

Needless to say, it was great that Embid apparently didn’t get any serious re-injuries. But, unlike games 3 and 4his presence was not omnipotent.

The Sixers reduced the Heaths’ lead to 10 points when Embid made a pull-up in the first possession of the third quarter. However, the heroics of the game’s survival are less likely for a player who has suffered several significant injuries – including a torn ligament of the thumb of his right hand – and has not received outstanding performances from anyone around him. Tyris Maxi fell to 1 on 8 from the floor in a third period attempt that went and went. Georges Niang got 0 to 6 from a three-point distance. Tobias Harris scored 5 on 14 and didn’t make a single free throw.

When the Sixers lost by 18 in the third, Harden got two hands and came out empty on a three. By 20, he had failed to make a technical free throw after a three-second Miami violation.

The Sixers ousted Emibid early in the fourth. He sat dejectedly on the bench and watched the long pointless stretch, knowing that the Sixers needed a winning streak of two games (and a much better game on the road when they reached Game 7) to continue their season.

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