The staff of Reading Hospital is working to help Ukraine

Reading Hospital staff are working to help Ukrainians affected by the war, through direct assistance and donations.

Jean Ebersol, an outpatient nurse at TowerDirect – Tower Health Ambulance Group – will travel to Ukraine on Tuesday with a group from Armada Networka Christian ministry from Lancaster County, to provide assistance, said in a press release from Reading Hospital.

Ebersol and her team are preparing to treat everything from first aid to gunshot wounds. They will have a clinic in the house, and hope to have an ambulance for treatment in the field.

To help Ebersole prepare, her colleagues at Tower Health, who have experience in disaster response, emergency medicine and injury, are conducting training and sharing their experiences in combat and disaster situations.

This will be Ebersole’s sixth mission. She also traveled to Haiti after the 2010 earthquake and also traveled to Bolivia and Tanzania, officials said.

“This is the first time I have to wear combat gear to treat patients,” Ebersol said in a release.

Officials also noted the efforts of Philip Mashkovsky, a trauma surgeon at Reading Hospital.

Mashkovsky was born in Ukraine and still has a family there, some of whom were forced to evacuate just hours before the attack on their area.

Donations for Ukraine were collected during an action organized by Dr. Philip Mashkovsky, a trauma surgeon at Reading Hospital. (ACTING HOSPITAL RIDING)

According to officials, Moscow saw the suffering of his compatriots to contact a doctor from Ukraine, who organizes donations of medical supplies for frontline hospitals.

“We had no idea what to expect when the rally began,” Mashkovsky said in a release. “We ended up getting 1,400 pounds of medical supplies, enough to fill four pallets.”

Mashkovsky said he received donations from the hospital and its staff, as well as from the School of Medical Sciences at Reading Hospital, the Reading Fire Service and former colleagues in Geisinger.

In addition, the Ukrainian Partnership Foundation financially sponsored the transfer of donations from Reading Hospital to Ukraine, and members of Crossway Church volunteered to help pack. Additional members of the Reading Hospital team, Anthony Martin, the injury program manager, and Gene McGarry, the warehouse manager, played an important role in organizing the collection work, officials said.

Mashkovsky is also collaborating with the Reading Hospital Foundation to hold a second campaign of donations from staff for families and children in Ukraine.

Mashkovsky said he hoped to visit Ukraine this summer to provide assistance.

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