The Steelers are signing three more 2022 draft picks

PITTSBURG (KDKA) – The Pittsburgh Steelers have signed three more members of their 2022 draft class following the signing of yesterday’s second-round receiver George Pickens.

Sixth-round contestant Conor Hayward, as well as both seventh-round elections, linebacker Mark Robinson and quarterback Chris Aladokun, are now official members of the Steelers.

Conor Hayward is the younger brother of Cameron Hayward’s defensive selection. The utility player turned into a tight end during his red t-shirt senior season in Michigan, finishing with 35 catches for 326 yards and two touchdowns. During his time in Michigan he made 211 careers at 825 yards and five touchdowns, with 96 receptions at 711 yards and six touchdowns.

“Obviously people understand who he is,” said CEO Kevin Colbert. “First of all, that’s not why we drafted him. Connor Hayward was a fugitive in Michigan, and I pay tribute to coach (Mel) Tucker and his staff for taking Connor and using him differently as a end / fullback joint. ».

Robinson, a collegiate fugitive who has become a linebacker, gives the Steelers some defensive versatility than they are very happy about.

“It’s part of what we like about him,” said Brian Flores, senior assistant assistant / linebacker coach. “There’s a plus here. Someone who hasn’t played in that position in a long time. He showed speed, athleticism, toughness and physicality. We liked a lot of things. It’s interesting to watch the movie.”

Aladokun honed his collegial play at three different universities, the University of South Florida, Samford University and North Dakota State University before taking it to Pittsburgh. The Tampa native made 62.3% of his assists on 3,164 yards, 25 touchdowns and seven interceptions in South Dakota. He also had two rapid landings.

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