The Sweetwater Arts Center runs a program for black art teachers Music | Pittsburgh

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Photo: courtesy of the Sweetwater Arts Center

Anita Levels (left) and Dr. Zuli Inirio (right)

In 2021 flutist and musician Brittany Trotter and singer Lynn Starr became the first residents of the Unisound Black Teaching Artist in Residence program, which focuses on supporting the practice and professional development of black artists-educators in Pittsburgh. The opportunity allowed them to hone their skills and share their knowledge with the community through free workshops held at local schools, organizations and locations.

The program returns thanks to a partnership with Sweetwater Arts Center in Suickley.

The residency continues UniSound’s stated mission to create “a more accessible, sustainable and equitable youth music ecosystem in Greater Pittsburgh through the creation of an alliance of organizations that provide music education and opportunities for youth performance”.

Sweetwater will host two music workshops led by new residents Anita Levels and Dr. Zuli Inirio. June 8 Levels, a self-taught vocalist, songwriter and producer, will teach “Hands up!” Write! ” a workshop aimed at demystifying the songwriting process, and includes writing tips and ideas to inspire participants.

June 11 is taught by Inirio, a Dominican-American soprano singer “Fundamentals of vocal technique”, a workshop that will help participants develop their own unique singing voices and styles, as well as the basics of singing such as breathing posture, dictation and more.

“Through these workshops, which will be free to the public, Sweetwater hopes to bring new life and excitement to our music programs and contribute to the diversity of art in our community,” the statement said.


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