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CP Photo: Jared Wickerham

Fet-Fisk pop-up dinner held at Pear and the Pickle in Troy Hill in 2020

The popular Troy Hill Pear and the Pickle diner has announced its permanent closure. The owners made an announcement on social media on February 18 after announcing in November 2021 that they were closing indefinitely to “determine our way forward”.

We are sad to say that we are closing Pear and the Pickle forever, ”the statement said. February 18 post on Facebook. “The romance we once had with cooking and owning a small business is gone. We are much healthier and happier mentally. And that’s why we made that decision. Life is too short to keep doing things that don’t” bring “joy. Simply put, it’s not you, it’s us. “

click to enlarge Pear and the Pickle owners Alexis Tragos and Bobby Stockard in 2016 - CP PHOTO FILE: ALEX GORDAN

CP FIle Photo: Alex Gordon

Pear and the Pickle owners Alexis Tragas and Bobby Stockard in 2016

The pear was also salty first opened in 2016 a duo of wife and husband Alexis Tragos and Bobby Stockard and quickly became a neighborhood favorite. The hosts there are twin boys who were were born a week before the restaurant opened.
Located in a former antique shop (they took advantage of this by using some of its former stocks for use as jewelry), Pear and the Pickle served as a café, diner and gathering place for communities, as well as a place for Saturday evenings and occasional pop-up dinners, bringing people from all over the region to Troy Hill.

“We wanted to do something for the neighborhood,” Tragos said Pittsburgh City Newspaper in 2016. “We wanted to bring it back to what it was in the corner markets.”

Customers and other local businesses posted their support on social media after Pear and Pickle announced the closure, including people complaining about the end of the “best breakfast sandwiches” they’ve ever eaten and thanking them for their contributions. which business has done to the community.

“We will miss you all, but we know that the work you have done, the space you have created, and the community that has grown up around you will always exist,” Bloomfield Baby Loves Tacos said in a commentary in Pear and Pickle on Instagram.

When Pear and the Pickle closed indefinitely in November, the owners announced that two years of industry change during the pandemic had caused emotional damage.
“We have been working in very difficult (and completely abnormal) circumstances for almost two years. And, frankly, we just don’t feel like our customers are getting the best version of PnP right now, ”the November 19 statement said. , post on Facebook 2021. “Over and over again turning our business model, food cost fluctuations, work stress, rising costs, safety advice and on and on … we are exhausted. Physically, emotionally, mentally. ”

In June 2021, the owners announced that they were eliminating the “traditional tip model” in their restaurant after thinking about the pandemic and “

outdated tipping practices and its disturbing, classicist and racist history. “Instead, they switched to a service model, including a 20% service charge for each check, to give more to their staff by writing,”They deserve it and deserve it. “

However, the vague message in the February 18 message suggests that the Pear and Pickles space will not remain vacant for long.

Thank you for your love, friendship, and endless support, “it said.” The evolution of the 1800 Rialto is under development, and we hope it will continue to nourish and enrich the Troy Hill community. ”

City newspaper contacted Pear and the Pickle for more information but received no response by the time of printing. Local soup maker Brothmonger left a comment on Pear and the Pickle’s Instagram post “Let Me In”, which has led some to speculate that it will take over, but owner Sarah McAuli says City newspaper that while it would be “great” if she had a business to take up space, she wasn’t the one Pear and Pickle referred to in their post.

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