The U.S. has been hit by three separate mass shootings over the Easter weekend US News

Two teenage boys were killed and eight others were injured in a shooting Sunday at a party at a short-term rental home in Pittsburgh, one of at least three mass shootings in the U.S. over the weekend.

Two other shootings – both in South Carolina – A total of 18 people were wounded by bullets, which again caused calls among supporters of reasonable legislation on gun control.

In Pittsburgh, police said the equipment detecting the shooting forced officers to go to Suisman Street, where at least 12.30 on Sunday at least 10 people were shot dead.

First aid officers took several victims to the hospital, including two 17-year-old boys, who were later pronounced dead by doctors. Others who were shot but survived went to the hospital themselves.

According to police, in this house several people who were involved in some sort of fight, fired at least 50 shots. Several other participants in the party, who were injured but not shot, received cuts and fractures by jumping out of the windows of the house in a desperate attempt to reach a safe place, investigators added.

Authorities did not immediately announce the arrests, although Pittsburgh Police Chief Scott Schubert promised that his staff “will do everything [they] you can get responsible. “

“It shouldn’t have happened,” Schubert told an afternoon news conference. “It hurts us.”

The short-term rental provider Airbnb has issued a statement stating that the person who rented the house is now banned from using the service for life.

The man violated company policy by banning parties, Airbnb spokesman Ben Bright said in a statement. “We share the outrage of the Pittsburgh public over this tragic gun violence,” Breit said in a statement. “Our hearts are to all who have been [affected]including the relatives of those who lost their lives, the victims and neighbors. “

Investigators found that the party where the violence began gathered about 200 guests, mostly under the age of 18, police said in a statement.

Pittsburgh officials later identified the two slain boys as Matthew Steffi-Ross and Jaden Brown.

Meanwhile, also early Sunday, nine people were injured in a shooting at a nightclub in Hampton County, South Carolina. None of the injuries reported in Cara’s Lounge, about 80 miles west of Charleston, were fatal, officials said, who did not immediately announce arrests in the case.

The bloodshed occurred about 90 miles north of and hours after a separate shooting at a shopping mall in the South Carolina capital of Colombia nine were hit by bullets. The wounded ranged in age from 15 to 73, and one man – 22-year-old Juin Price – was jailed after a shooting on charges of illegal pistol carrying.

On Sunday afternoon, Price’s bail was set at $ 25,000.

The violence in Pittsburgh and South Carolina occurred when many American Christians were preparing to attend church for worship on Easter Sunday. They also occurred after at least two other high-profile shootings elsewhere in the United States.

A shooting in downtown Sacramento on April 3 killed six people and injured 12. Another, on Tuesday, left 10 shots in the New York subway.

Police have arrested suspects in the Sacramento and New York shootings.

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