The unexpected scholarship announcement gives a boost to Steel Valley High School graduates

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – May 1 was Decision Day at the National College, when high school students had to decide on their next step.

Now they are trying to figure out how to pay for it. But the unexpected announcement of the scholarship has given many children a big boost.

At Thursday’s scholarship ceremony, Steel Valley High School seniors noted they are on the verge of their future.

Richard Basie remembers that moment. He graduated from Steel Valley High School and became the owner of the Shults Ford Motor Show. He enjoys reading the scholarship applications he started.

“These are unfulfilled dreams with the promise of a glorious future,” Bezi said. “Learn and see these wonderful children who apply and understand that they have worked hard.”

One student was to receive the scholarship, but Bezy decided to give each of the 19 children who applied for $ 5,000.

“I’m incredibly grateful,” said Sydney McLaglin, one of the fellows.

“I’m very tense about how to pay for college tuition. I have some financial help, but not a full trip, ”said Riley Furyk. “My parents can’t pay for everything, and that’s okay. But getting so much is much less stressful. It changes lives.”

Last year, Bazi also planned to award one scholarship, but he gave it to all 11 students who applied.

Bessie hopes his gift will inspire children to do their best in college and give back when they grow up.


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