The union project begins with the Mother of All Ceramics Sales Fine Arts Pittsburgh

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Vase Janet Watkins

The Union Project has undergone several changes over the years, including the addition of new staff, new premises and more. The public will have the opportunity to experience some of these events when the nonprofit organization and community center Highland Park will hold their first personal event selling ceramics in two years.

To be held on Saturday, May 7, Mother of all selling pottery on the Union Project website it is described as a gathering of the local ceramic community, artists and patrons, on the day of “demonstrations, mixing, selling and sharing”. An annual event that started in 2014invites ceramists to exhibit and sell their works, as well as to demonstrate to visitors such techniques as throwing wheels and shooting from the river.

Due to the pandemic and the spread of COVID-19, the annual sale of ceramics had to be moved online with events such as the “Virtual Clay Festival” in 2021, which had several days of sales, demonstrations and artists.

“Artists and artisans often create their work in isolation,” the Union Project said in a press release, adding that events such as the sale of pottery “create opportunities for them to catch up and connect with each other and their fans.”

During the event, more than 15 artists will sell works ranging from tableware and decorative items to jewelry. The Spotlight Gallery, run by Union Project staff and volunteers, will feature pottery by pottery artists such as Mila Berezin, Marce Nixon-Washington, Justin Rothshank, Isaac Scott and Kara Zupancic. Also emphasized Mac Star McCaskera ceramist and educator who in September 2021 became the head of the Union Project studio.

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Photo: Porter Loves

Cancer shoots by Union Project

Union Project can also showcase its stove, which debuted in November 2021. The facility includes an indoor classroom and loading platform, as well as improved lighting and other features that will allow you to use it year-round, even at night. .

While the Mothers of All Pottery company has returned to personal activities, the Union Project will require security measures in connection with COVID-19, such as wearing a mask, social distance and entering indoor spaces in time to “provide the safest experience for all participants. “

Mother of all selling pottery. 10.00-17.00 Sat, 7 May. Union project. 801 N. Negley Ave., Highland Park. Free. unionproject.org


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