The vote count ends early Wednesday in the 2022 Montgomery County primary.

NARYSTOWN – The counting of ballots in the 2022 primary election ended early Wednesday morning in Montgomery County, hours after polls closed on election day.

Unofficial consolidated report on the Montgomery County election 198,070 submitted ballots were recorded. Voters selected candidates for several positions at the federal and state levels, including the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, to run in the Nov. 2 general election. Major candidates for governors, lieutenants, and other seats in the Pennsylvania General Assembly were nominated.

With 505,661 registered voters in the state’s third-largest constituency, the figure is 39.17 percent of the turnout, according to unofficial constituency election report.

According to data, this figure included 135,199 personal votes in 426 polling stations. The site of the unofficial results of the 2022 Montgomery County primary election. In addition, 62,871 ballots were counted for mail and for voting out of 64,217 that were returned.

Another 420 ballots for absentee and postal voting “await evaluation,” reports unofficial county website with election results.

“The counting operation was completed as of 1 am on Wednesday, May 18, 2022,” – said in a statement on the unofficial website of the district with the election results. “The application panel will be updated with military and foreign ballots, pre-ballots and ballots for evaluation as they are processed and counted.”

Ballot papers are due to be updated by Friday, while data for military and foreign voting is expected only after May 24, according to constituency election officials.

The results of the primary election in Montgomery County in 2022 have not yet been confirmed.

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