The Wire Mill Bridge in Allentown will close for several months until it is replaced. That’s when this bustling part of Leahy Street should reopen – The Morning Bell

The Wire Mill Bridge in Allentown will be closed for several months starting May 16.

The bridge connecting Likhai Street / Route 145 across Little Likhai Creek was built in 1940. The bridge is owned by Likhai County and will be completely demolished and replaced by PennDOT.

The bridge is one of several in the region that is considered a structurally scarce Lihy Valley transport administration, including the Bethlehem Bridges from the Hill and Fahi and the bridge on Cedar Boulevard in Bethlehem. The study estimated that $ 182.6 million was spent on bridge projects and $ 131 million on highway projects.

The construction of the new bridge, excluding the cost of engineering inspections, plans and inspections, will cost about $ 4.8 million and will be paid for in federal, state and county dollars.

Lehigh County wanted to replace the bridge a few years ago, said District Service Director Richard Molchani. But the Wire Mill Bridge was included in the list of alternative routes, while major work was carried out to the Albertus L. Meers Bridge / Eighth Street.

The wire factory bridge was previously closed for $ 300,000 for repairs in late 2017 to help it withstand wear and tear before being replaced.

Construction contractor Kinsley Construction has put up a temporary pedestrian bridge along the west side of Leahy Street to provide pedestrian access along the creek. But until the bridge opens, traffic will be announced.

Three other bridges cross Little Creek Creek in close proximity to the Wire Mill Bridge: 10th Street, Basin Street and Eighth Street.

The announcement comes at a time when the bridge on Tillman Street in Allentown, closed for nearly four years for repairs, will will open later this month.

The Wire Mill is expected to reopen on December 2, and the bridge is open from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Reporter Anthony Solomon contributed to this report.

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