The Wyoming District School Board has proposed a budget with the highest tax increase

EXETER – At its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, the Wyoming School Board approved the proposed budget for the 2022-23 school year with a property tax increase of 4.6%, the maximum allowed under state law without voter approval or special state exemption. Voting does not make the tax increase certain; The council must vote on the final budget by June 30.

Budget projects are spending just over $ 42 million versus revenue of $ 41.95 million, leaving a deficit of 111,001 people to cover the surplus, which is expected to be nearly $ 2.8 million by the end of June this year. If the tax increase remains in the final budget, the property tax rate will rise from 17.9152 plants to 18.7392 plants in Lucerne County and from 86.5920 to 91.558 plants in Wyoming County. The mill is a $ 1 tax for every $ 1,000 of the appraised value of the property.

Business consultant Tom Mellon noted that the offer does not include additional money from the state. During the current school year, the district received about $ 300,000 more than last year. Democratic Governor Tom Wolf’s proposed budget will increase the county’s state funding by just over $ 1.9 million, although the Republican-controlled legislature will not approve the full increase.

The board also:

• Accepted the resignation of head coach for girls basketball Chad Loevsky and catering employee Kendry Evans.

• Approved the West Side Career and Technology Center budget for fiscal year 2022-23. The CTC serves five school district members and is governed by a Joint Operations Committee of school board members from each county. The CTC budget must be approved by member school districts.

• Approved contributions for the current fiscal year to the Free Wyoming Library and the West Pitston Library. Contributions are $ 2,000 each.

• Approved $ 300 contribution to the Greater Pittston Regional Ambulance for the current fiscal year.

• Appointed four school dentists to conduct mandatory state exams for kindergartens, third and seventh grades for 2022-2023: Dr. Stephen Banam, Dr. Erani Polarini, Dr. Anne McDonough and Dr. Ryan McDonnell.

• Appointed Golden Photo Studio as the official photo studio of the yearbook for 2022-2023.

• Authorized business consultant Albert B. Melone of the company to request quotes if necessary to secure the 2022-23 Tax Anticipation Note (TAN). TANs are short-term loans that government organizations sometimes take to cover operating expenses until tax revenues begin to flow in at the beginning of each fiscal year.

• Approved a letter of notification from the Northeast Health Fund stating that the district reserves the right to withdraw from the trust in 12 months. The trust is a consortium of school districts created to reduce health care costs, and announcing a possible recall has become almost commonplace for some districts each year to keep the opportunity to leave the trust this year.

• Appointed Rita Mauriel as a $ 6,000 Scholarship Advisor. Title I is a federal grant program designed to help school districts with a high percentage of low-income students, and the scholarship will be paid out of federal dollars.

• Appointed Rosella Fedor and Jewel Ann Klepadl as chairmen of the Wyoming Scholarship and Awards Program with a $ 5,000 scholarship each for the 2022-23 academic year.

• Abolished the appointment of Gina Manganello as head coach of volleyball for the fall season 2022-23.

• Appointed James Stos and Brenda Yurchak as 4-hour catering staff.

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