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The “Yankees” serve as a last resort.

With two days of rain in a row the Bombers schedule became a problem. “Yankees” and “Rangers” erupted on Saturday, and on Sunday will play doubleheader with one reception, and on Monday will finish the series. Instead of having two weekends scheduled on Thursday and Monday, they will now play 23 games over the next 22 days.

This will be their longest period of the season without a break. Their next scheduled weekend comes after their first series against Tampa Bay on May 29th.

With Sunday’s double header the Yankees will likely need a sixth starter on Thursday in the opening series against the White Sox in Chicago. The Yankees could add a 27th player for the scheduled doubleheader.

If the Yankees stay on the rotation, Gerrit Cole, who was due to perform on an extra day off on Friday, will likely give two extra days off. The Yankees can use Luis Severin for an extra day off on Sunday as well, or they can stay at the starting spot in this doubleheader. Using a point starter, this will repel the rest of the rotation and close the starts until Cole joins the usual rest on Friday.

This is the start of the season, so it seems unlikely that the Yankees will want to return Cole to a short break to start on Thursday against the White Sox. The Yankees have been talking all season about the depth of their serve, and now it will be tested.

Michael King, who was invaluable in the bullpen, could start from scratch. The young right-hander has given up just one earned run for 17 2/3 innings this season, striking out 25 and missing just three.

King was invaluable only with the bullpen as a high-lever and much-inning lever.

The Yankees have just sent Clark Schmidt with the intention of stretching him to become a starting point. However, the right-hander is still within the 15-day window if he cannot return to the major leagues.

They also have Davy Garcia and Louis Gill in Triple-A, but both are having difficulty. Garcia, who had a great year in 2020, has a 9.00 ERA after four games. Gil, who made his major league debut with great pomp last season, is even worse with an 9.53 ERA in five games.

JP Sears, a left-hander who spent the first weeks of the season in the bullpen of the Premier League, may also be a candidate. He played three times in Triple-A, scoring nine in 7.2 innings.

For 25 games, Yankee pitching was the cornerstone of the team. They have the best ERA (2.60) in the American League and second after the Dodgers.

The dominance of the bombers in the supply comes from both rotation and bullpen. The starting Yankees have an ERA of 2.85, also the best in the AL and third in the major leagues. The Relievers have a 2.30 ERA, the second best in the AL and a major after the Tigers (2.24), which may be the reason why the Yankees are reluctant to disrupt the order down there by taking King and using him to begin with.

This is a pretty serious development, considering that before the start of the season there was a concern about the rotation behind Cole.

Jameson Theion came in the season after October surgery to repair a ligament of his right ankle and they didn’t know how his body would react. He made just two moves in 105 beats he faced and has a 2.84 ERA through five starts. Severina has made nine starts in the last three years due to injuries, including Tommy John’s surgery in 2020, so it was a big red flag. It has a 3.75 ERA after five runs. Left-hander Jordan Montgomery passed with dignity in 2021, but the 29-year-old approached the fact that people were wondering if all he would be; a decent major league starter. He has allowed just one home run out of 105 rebounding collisions and has a 2.88 ERA, inflated by his first start when he made a serve after being hit by a backpacker.

Nestor Cortes was not even mentioned this offseason as part of a rotation of five people, which was a big oversight. The left-hander, who has used various supplies in the past to keep strikers out of balance, has shown that he is just a good pitcher. He has the best ERA staff (1.82) and he has singled out 31 eyebrows for 24.2 innings.

After the first three turns through the rotation it was Cole who had the biggest question mark hanging over him with a tough ERA of 6.35. In his last two starts, however, Cole did well, throwing in 12.2 zero innings with 15 rebounds over that time.


Fans who have paid tickets for the game, originally scheduled for Saturday, May 7, 2022, can use them for the postponed game on Monday, May 9 at 1:05 p.m., or exchange them for tickets to a similar regular season game at Yankee Stadium. The Yankee Rain Inspection Policy can be found at


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