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Luis Severina struck out, Isia Keener-Falefa came to his senses and Michael King cleared up the mess in the ninth inning and saved the day, but the Yankees refrained from beating the Blue Jays 3-0 at the stadium on Thursday night.

The Yankees have shared a series of four games and leave the Bronx with a little more of an idea of ​​who they are as a team. At home, they went 4-3 against the Red Sox and the Blue Jays, two teams with which they will definitely be vying for a place in the playoffs this year.

“I think we have a chance to be a really good team. I think we played in a very good division, where he will be super-competitive all season all summer, ”said Yankees manager Aaron Boone about what he knows about his team. “We jumped in here with the Red Sox and the Blue Jays. We are faced with many good weapons. Obviously we’ve faced good lineups and it’s going to be a fun, tough season. The first signs say that we are prepared for this, and my expectations are high. “

King earned his first save in the major leagues after Aroldis Chapman passed the first three beats he faced and Aaron Boone pulled him off. With loaded bases and no exits, King struck out George Springer on three margins and then forced Bo Bischet to come out in a double game that ended.

“A bit of adrenaline, and then just the realization that it needs to be done,” King said, entering the mess. “I wanted to hit the bottom zone and tried to get the ball. After I reached 0-2 at Springer, I went for a kick and then tried to do the same: go for the ball and get a double play. We got it differently, but a ton of adrenaline, and it was fun. ”

They got another very encouraging start from Luis Severin. On Thursday night, the former Yankee ace revealed he is a much fuller pitcher than before he began a three-year journey through injuries. He held a dangerous Blue Jace lineup with no points in five innings. He scattered two blows and two moves. He struck out six, including three times struck out Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (for the first time for the young hitman Blue Jays). Severina rejoiced after Guerrero’s blow, which terrorized the Yankees the night before with three Homer and a double in the fifth.

“I knew this was my last striker. So I knew that if I didn’t go there Guerrero, I would get out. I didn’t throw five innings forever. I don’t remember, ”Severina said. “It was a great pleasure to compete and help my team win.”

Severin, who has made 27.2 innings in the last three years due to injuries, saw his speed reach 100 miles per hour and he used a very efficient feed mix to get 15 strokes and misses, including six on his shift and five on his boat.

And the Yankees received encouragement from the bottom of their squad, which was inactive until the start of the season.

They saw that the lower half of its composition showed signs of life. After starting his Yankee 1-on-17 career, Isia Kiner-Falefa escaped with two hits and scored two wounds. He was driven by Jose Trevin, who was his teammate with Texas before they were both handed out to the Yankees, in both games. Trevin singled out, doubled, stole the base and had two IRBs.

“He is comfortable. It’s a big move from Texas to New York, it’s a big stage, but I think Izzy will handle it well, ”Trevina said. “I’m excited to see him grow. I think he will be wonderful here. “

And they got a few factory runs from the big boys, and Aaron Judge doubled the eighth, outscored Anthony Ritz and scored a goal in a Giancarlo Stanton outlet

“It seems to me that we are very close. I feel like some of our guys are in a pretty good place when it comes to the quality of the bat as they hit the ball. I think we were unlucky sometimes. I thought we hit a few goals well last night, ”Boone said. “Actually, except for the game (Alec Manoa of Blue Jays) where he really shut us down and for the most part generated a lot of weak contacts. I feel like in the third game against the Red Sox, where we didn’t get that big of a hit, although I felt like we had a few bits and situations with the guys ”.


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