Therapixel is raising 15 million euros to boost mammography readings using artificial intelligence

A French company specializing in the development and commercialization of medical imaging software based on artificial intelligence, Therapy pixel has raised 15 million euros to fund Series B. The new capital will increase its commercial presence in the United States. Funding will also allow the platform to run more features for its MammoScreen platform and further push the boundaries of its reading assistance for mammography.

The circle led to Crédit Mutuel Innovation and CapHorn and joined Verve, Sham Innovation Santé and historical investors Omnes, IT translation, M-Capital and South Region Investment.

Thanks to this new investment, the medical technology firm has raised more than 20 million euros since its inception in 2013. The French platform seeks to deliver relevant information at the right time to healthcare professionals. His MammoScreen The AI ​​solution for breast cancer screening is being deployed in large networks of breast cancer screening clinics. It uses a unique assessment to signal the level of suspicion of mammography at a glance. This way, radiologists can feel more confident in their decision and devote more time to complex cases that require more attention.

Pierre Filar, chief scientific and technological director and founder of Therapixel, said: “We will accelerate the launch of the new generation AI, which will allow women to benefit from earlier detection with less anxiety, and radiologists will be assisted in the ever-increasing demand for imaging. . We will also promote regulatory and clinical developments that will improve our AI solution for radiologists who read mammograms. ”

Mathieu Leclerc-Schalve, CEO of Therapixel, said: “These funds will allow us to increase our American team through new sales and support staff, as well as expand our business. With an already strong pipeline, Therapixel is poised for significant growth and will have a crucial impact on breast cancer screening. ”

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