There are more and more signs of Russian invasion Ukraine can be solved.

One of the most obvious failures of the war is the recent large-scale call-up of additional troops, a plan that doesn’t seem to be working. The Russian mobilization has sparked anger in the country by forcing old and inexperienced men into uniforms, claiming they lack even basic equipment.

The call came after several weeks of embarrassing failures by Russian troops, when Ukraine regained part of its territory. And in the Russian-occupied city of Kherson, officials appointed by Moscow evacuated civilians on the eve of another expected Ukrainian counteroffensive.

Ukrainian artillery unit - Zaporozhye region
Artillerymen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroy the Russian invaders with the help of the German 155-mm howitzer FH70, Zaporozhye region, southeast Ukraine. October 27, 2022

Sipa via AP Images

On Russian state television, the tone sometimes seems close to despair. Russia miscalculated its forces and cannot win the war with Ukraine for eight months in a row, said one commentator.

Perhaps another sign of Russia’s desperation is its new tactic: striking Ukraine’s power grid, which resulted in blackouts in Ukraine, but without a drop in morale.

As Russia’s nuclear forces began annual exercises this week, President Vladimir Putin reiterated his government’s assertion that Ukraine could detonate a radioactive device — a so-called “dirty bomb.”

Some fear that Russia is planning a false flag operation, staging an incident and blaming Ukraine, possibly as a pretext for using nuclear weapons.

“I don’t guarantee you yet that this is a false flag operation, I don’t know,” President Joe Biden said. “But that would be a serious, serious mistake.”

Ukraine’s defense minister told CBS News that Russia is exhausted and trying to force Ukraine and the West to negotiate.

In a surprise speech this week, Putin railed against the West, including gay pride parades and so-called abolitionist culture. But he also said that it makes no sense for Russia to use nuclear weapons.

Biden responded to this: If he doesn’t intend to, why does he keep talking about it?