There will be a public hearing on the renewal of the Valley Forge casino license

ГАРЫСБУРГ – В Pennsylvania Games Control Panel seeks public comment as it seeks to renew the slot machine operator’s license Valley Forge Casino Resort in the Upper Marion.

The council scheduled a public hearing on Wednesday, April 27, at the Upper Marion City Building, 175 West Valley Forge Road. The meeting will start at 10.30

The April 27 hearing is open to the public, and citizens, government officials, and community groups can speak or testify in writing. The hearing will also be conducted live Game Board Board.

Valley Forge Casino Resort is a Category 3 licensee, which includes resort casinos, and is operated by Valley Forge Convention Center Partner LLC. The license renewal process for Category 3 licensees in Pennsylvania occurs every five years.

Those wishing to give personal or written testimony at the April 27 meeting should visit Game Board Board and select the link on the home page for more information and registration.

Pre-registration is required to provide comments. The deadline for registration to speak or submit written testimony is 12 noon on Sunday, April 24.

Written comments can be submitted directly through the board’s website, but can also be sent by mail, email or fax. Written comments can be sent to boardclerk@pa.gov; sent by fax to 717-265-7416; or by mail to the PA Gaming Control Board, 303 Walnut Street / 5th Fl. Commonwealth Tower, Harrisburg, PA 17101, Attention: Clergy Council

The public hearings are the first of a two-stage license renewal process before the director of the Office of Hearings and Appeals of the Gaming Control Board. During the hearing, the board will receive documentary evidence, hear testimony, and make a record that will be used as part of the licensing decision. This information, together with the report of the Director of Hearings and Appeals, will be forwarded to the Board.

A list of all government officials, community groups and individuals who have registered to speak at this hearing will be posted on the council’s website, starting one week before the hearing, and updated daily.

All gaming licenses in Pennsylvania are subject to periodic review under section 1326 of the Pennsylvania Horse Development and Games Act, according to a release announcing a public hearing. The application for the update must include an update of information since the last casino update.

The second step in the licensing process will be separate public hearings in Harrisburg later, where representatives of the casino licensee will present evidence and oral arguments. At this time, board members can ask additional questions.

According to the council, the applicant for the extension has the burden to establish and demonstrate “their right and suitability to renew the game license.”

“During the hearings, the applicant for reinstatement will be given the opportunity to demonstrate, inter alia, his good character, honesty and integrity; compliance with its terms; as well as provide evidence of tax revenues received; created jobs; success in implementing its diversity plan; and participation in the surrounding communities, ”the release reads.

After the second procedure, the council will determine whether the licensee remains “relevant to the law of the Commonwealth” and whether it has the right to renew the license for a period of five years.

The Pennsylvania Game Management Board oversees all aspects of gambling, which includes 16 land-based casinos, online casino games, online retail and sports betting, and video game terminals (VGTs) at qualified truck stops, and the regulation of online fantasy competitions.

Pennsylvania’s land-based casino industry includes six casinos with a racetrack (Category 1), five stand-alone (Category 2) casinos, two resort casinos (Category 3) and three mini-casinos (Category 4).

For more information, visit https://gamingcontrolboard.pa.gov

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