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When Aaron Boone was hired as Yankee manager after the 2017 season, he certainly saw the job as one of the tops of the sports world.

The Yankees are, after all, the Yankees. A year earlier, the team had advanced to the 7th game of the American League Championship series and had an exciting young core that included Aaron Judge, Louis Severina and Jordan Montgomery, all of whom were 25 or younger at the time.

“I believe we are entering a special time in the history of the New York Yankees, and I am very excited to be a part of that.” Said Boone as he took the job.

Despite the fact that the “Yankees” got into the playoffs in each of the four seasons at the helm of Boone, his stay can still not be accurately described as a “special time” in the history of the franchise. It’s a franchise that sees itself as the league’s gold standard, and anything less than a championship is seen as a big disappointment.

That’s why two ALDS losses (from division rivals, no less), an ALCS loss from the hated Astros, and a humiliating loss to the Red Sox’s Wild Card Game are more motivating failures for the Yankees than achievements. Just reaching the playoffs is not enough, and that’s certainly not the reason the Yankees hired Boone after Joe Girardi nearly led the band to the 2017 World Series.

However, this year everything looks, feels and sounds different. It’s not just that the Yankees 26-9 are on Tuesday’s list of games. They definitely have the best record, run in differentials and WRC + in the league and go at a pace to win 120 games. But that’s the way they do it, and a sharp departure from the talented but failed ways of last season is starting to feel 2022 as a real start to a special time in Yankee history.

The Yankees are happy and healthywhile avoiding serious injuries, starting with each victory believe that they are getting closer and closer to invincibility. These days, music after winning the club seems more common than a reward, and players, coaches and journalists are too accustomed to the musical styles of Kodak Black and Kevin Gates after the Yankee victory.

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This is probably what Boone thought when he changed his ESPN credentials to schedule maps and sleeveless hoodies. Yankees exchanged for Giancarlo Stanton exactly a week after Boone’s hiring, and now finally he and Judge look prepared for their first All-Star Game as teammates. Superstars have always been the Yankees ’calling card, and even though their current big three (Judge, Stanton and Gerrit Cole) have been around since 2020, it’s the first year the team’s record looks like one with three of the brightest in the game stars.

In addition, the influence of the young Anthony Ritz, DJ Lemajo and Gleiber Torres allowed the Bombers to grow from good, but victorious, to just awful. Ritsa is already there ten home runs and could surpass his career high of 32 if his power at the start of the season – which is even more impressive given the suppression of the league’s offensive that came with cold weather and another flawed baseball – will continue in the coming months. LeMache returned to being the prototype of the leading strikers, which made it impossible for the first two years of his strikes, sharp, sharp and lunge strikes on every part of the stadium. Torres – regardless of the mental ease of returning to second base, or last year due to a decline in 127 games for him – strikes out less than ever, and is second only to Judge, Stanton and Rizzo in the team leaders at RBI.

The real dream of a manager, however, is to get charity from the top, middle and bottom of the list. Since Stanton and Cole look like men for $ 300 million, and Judge may be looking for an even bigger contract, there’s also Nestor Cortes Jr. and his salary of $ 727,500. Cortes was, period, one of the best pitchers currently. Ever since the peace of El Duque or the peak of Job Chamberlain, there has been no Yankee Herler combining the admiration of fans with naturally remarkable results on the mound.

Michael King was also one of the best people in the world at his job. In fact, the King is himself the best reliver in the game according to FanGraphs Wins Above Replacement. This year he will bring home $ 722,500, which is an absolute theft for a guy with a 36.5% strikeout rate who can easily go through multiple innings at once.

The Yankees are embarrassed by wealth. The starting pitchers published the largest number of WARS of all the divisions of the American League, as did the Relievers. The strikers lead the entire league in the WRC + and have yet to get much from Joey Halo or Aaron Hicks. With each victory in the series the comparison with the 1998 team will become louder and less hyperbolic. The fact is that Boone and his wards do not consider themselves the 1998 team. Louis Gill, who helped the Yankees defeat the White Sox on May 12, wasn’t even born until the middle of this magical carpet trip.

People at Yankee Club always, no matter what year and what the circumstances, believe they can win 162 games. This is especially true of Boone, one of the most proud people in any MLB dugout. He finally has the team of his dreams, consisting equally of classic Yankee firepower and experienced shopping pickups for the former mid-to-late draft elections.

Any real estimate of the composition of 2022 will have to wait until October. But until then, words like “special” and “other” will fly through five areas as one of the landmark blows of Judge and Stanton.

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