Not every day you have the opportunity to see tropical fish, hippos or even sharks up close and in person. For the past 30 years Camden’s Adventure Aquarium has bought the beauty of the depths of the sea right for you. The aquarium has invited special guests to help them celebrate. Mermaids will entertain visitors with colorful costumes and stunning tricks. From Thursday to Sunday now to March 13 you can see these mythical mermaids.

In their spare time, Daniel Houston, Maya Landau and Imari Stout are ordinary women who love sea life, delicious food and more. But for work they are a completely different kind. Throwing a pair of flippers and flippers, these women turn into mermaids right from the storybook, Houston can even be seen diving with predators of the depths.

“These sharks are very cold. They are not interesting to us. They are very obedient and intelligent. ” Landau says.

From swimming with sharks to playing with smaller aquatic animals, all three mermaids are gushing over the work they do across the U.S. “My friends and family thought you weren’t a mermaid! It’s so ironic – because I’ve been obsessed with mermaids for as long as I can remember. It was very, very special. And I hope to continue to do so. ” Says Stout.

For Houston, Landau and Stout, playing with stingrays is all day work, but don’t let colorful costumes fool you because it still works.

“It’s a lot. Physically it is quite difficult for the body. Just diving in general. And then just understanding how to stay calm underwater is huge! ” Houston says.

Three women share their feelings about physical work, which is not without proper training. Mermaids need to be trained in scuba diving and get certified before diving into aquariums, they also need to coordinate with a marine biologist to learn all about the animals they will be working with.

“It’s a good lesson in patience and responding to emergencies because when we’re down and diving, we don’t see. We don’t see when animals surround us because you don’t see underwater, so we have to depend on one of the divers who can push them out of the way or keep them away from us. But it’s about keeping calm. It’s a lot of work, but it’s very useful. ” Houston said.

Even with the training needed to turn into unique mythological figures, women agree that it’s worth it.

Women are proud of their ability to represent the mermaid community. Like the three black mermaids, their presence is significant, especially for children who have never seen anything like it.

“If I had seen a black mermaid in my youth, I would mean that my whole world would have changed. And I think we were all excited to learn that the live action of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” was transferred from Black Ariel to Haley Bailey. I mean, it changed the world. So I feel like, you know, we’re making waves and changing things for the community.

“You break down stereotypes, you break down barriers, you do everything possible for other generations, and all we do is put on a tail.” Stout said.

Whether you are eight or 80 years old, a mermaid is always a fun attraction for everyone. “Seeing this ‘thing’ that they never thought was real, and being human on the other side, making them smile, it just warms my heart.” Says Landau. The 30th anniversary stops all stops: meeting and greeting the Mermaid, souvenir shops and even themed food. Interested participants can visit the Adventure Aquarium website to purchase tickets today.

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