Thinking is everything when it comes to creating the life of our dreams

Last week a longtime reader wrote to me about the power of positive thinking. “One of my favorite sayings is,‘ Think empowered, not devoured, ’” he suggested. Negative thinking can make it impossible to appreciate all the blessings around us. While a positive attitude allows us to see gifts, hope, faith and silver, even if our situation is not quite perfect.

This reader’s letter reminds me of a story I heard a year ago about two five-year-old twin boys. The boys were very different; in fact, radically different.

One little boy was so pessimistic. Nothing was ever right for him. He was constantly nagging and complaining and never laughing. And even on a warm sunny day the boy raised his head and noticed the smallest cloud. Then he will complain about it. “It’s wrong,” he criticized. Negatively, the boy will be upset and find fault with the slightest question.

However, the second twin boy was the complete opposite. He was always smiling and happy. Like a sponge, he absorbed everything that was joyful and positive in life. The boy was grateful and spoke positive, hopeful words. He saw the best in everything. Nothing will drown out the boy’s spirit. Even on a rainy gloomy day, his attitude was, “I’m grateful the flowers are watering.”

The parents were worried. They are struggling to find a way to allow the pessimistic son to see glimpses of hope and light in life. And they were concerned that perhaps their optimism was too positive.

Then came the inspiration to help both of their sons at the same time. The caring parents had an idea, and in a few days they prepared everything.

Soon the parents called both boys to the kitchen and said, “Guys, let’s do an experiment.” The boys were both wide-eyed and curious.

Then the father said, “Come with me.” And he led the guys down the hall and said, “Each of you will go to two separate rooms.” Then the mother said, “Sons, we love you and wish you the best. Behind each of these doors is a lesson. This is a gift that will serve you for years to come. You must stay in the room I have assigned you for 30 minutes. After that, we will come and check on you. “

The twin boys agreed.

First, the boy, who always complained, opened the door and went into the first room. Everything is set up, parents filled the room with the best toys, amazing sports equipment and art projects. In that room they put everything that could please the boy’s heart. “These toys are sure to please my son,” – said the father.

After that, the frivolous boy went into the next room. But the smell was awful. The parents ordered a pile of horse manure to be thrown into the room. However, agreeing, the boy remained in the room for the allotted time.

Thirty minutes later, the parents excitedly opened the door to the room where their first son was. “I can’t wait to see the joy in our son’s eyes,” the parents thought. Rushing, they almost came across a boy who fell to the floor depressed. The toys were scattered in a mess. “Son, what happened? Didn’t you like the toys? ” Asked the father. The son slowly said, “Dad, these toys are cheap and the projects are boring. Nothing was good here. “

Unfortunately, the son has not changed.

The parents, a little stunned, walked across the hall to their second son’s room. Opening the door, the parents could not believe their eyes. A head popped out of the pile, and the boy dug it up with his bare hands. “What are you doing?” Asked the astonished parents.

Instead of pinching his nose in disgust, the utterly optimistic boy cried out in delight and said, “There must be a pony somewhere.” This fictional story represents the power of positive thinking.

How important is your attitude? Attitude plays a big role in life. It can make us or break us. Attitudes can allow us to rise above problems or exacerbate them. Our attitude can be louder than the words we say. And can reveal to others our character. Attitude is what rules our whole day.

But you can’t wait until things get perfect or improve before you decide on a good attitude. Instead of persuading yourself to get upset, you should be grateful for all the blessings you possess and decide to be the best that you can be “here” and “where you are” today. I like what Helen Keller once wrote: “Decide to remain happy and joyful and you will become an invincible army against difficulties.”

So, take the good out of life experience and charge your thoughts to understand the positive from each situation. The more optimistic and grateful you will be, the more joy, peace and blessings will return to you.

The reader wrote an e-mail: “Behind every successful person there is a lot of struggle, some failures too. But success is just around the corner if you never give up on your dreams or goals. Most importantly, you should not be inclined to your understanding, but to acknowledge God in all your ways, and He will guide your way. Just trust Him. ”

So, remind yourself daily, “Thank You, God, for the gift of this day,” “I’m not going to quit,” and “I’ll overcome temporary trouble.” Like a letter that we address, stamp, and then bring to the post office to send to a friend, we send your words in the direction you want your life to go. Declare positively, “Step by step, God leads me to victory,” “I will overcome this challenge,” and “Opportunities are before me.” Remember, God loves you, honors you and guides you. And I believe He is using you in excellent quality this year and helping you change other people’s lives.

Smile, laugh, evoke your sense of humor and use your special gifts to help others. Focus your mind on the good things; be happy where you are; and honor the extraordinary man with whom God created you. God bless you as you continue to create the life of your dreams.

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