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East Marlboro – People from all over the world with American friends visit Longwood Gardens.

This spring, the world-famous botanical attraction, located near Route 1 north of Kenneth Square, is teeming with visitors who enjoy a wide range of vibrant exhibitions of flora and fauna. Older people are walking around the area, children are discovering many species of cacti on this planet, and families are beaming with smiles as they explore the Longwood Gardens together.

“We are excited to welcome guests from our backyard and from around the world,” Patricia Evans, public relations officer at Longwood Gardens, said Friday.

Longwood Gardens covers 1,100 acres and has gardens, meadows and forests – as well as tree houses, fountains and more.

The Longwood Gardens first opened to the public thanks to the goodwill of Pierre du Pont in 1921.

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Longwood Gardens typically attracts more than 1.5 million visitors each year. (JEN SAMUEL – MEDIANEWS GROUP)

“Certainly, the importance of being in nature is increasingly appreciated, especially after a pandemic,” Evans said.

Two years ago, from mid-March to early June 2020, Longwood Gardens was closed to the public during the closure of insignificant locations in Pennsylvania.

Yet nature lifts. Nature inspires. And nowadays people appreciate the joy of nature more than ever.

“We keep hearing from guests that they come to Longwood to disconnect, relax and enjoy the feelings you feel when you are surrounded by nature and beauty,” Evans said. “We are very pleased to be able to give our guests such an experience.”

The Longwood Gardens now have a few highlights.

“During the Fountain Festival, our beautiful open spaces are central,” Evans said. “Our outdoor gardens are beginning to crumble with colorful annuals and perennials, and our greenhouse is filled with tropical plants and palm trees, creating a truly magnificent oasis.”

Visitors are photographed at the Orchid House on May 19.  (JEN SAMUEL ??

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Visitors are photographed at the Orchid House on May 19th. (JEN SAMUEL – MEDIANEWS GROUP)

And the warm weather for outdoor recreation has just begun. Summer returns with the next seasonal solstice on June 21st.

“Fountains are a favorite in the summer here in Longwood, and all three of our fountain gardens perform daily,” Evans said. “Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night we open late for a performance with lighted fountains set to music in our main fountain garden at 9:15. From classical, country, pop, cinema to Latin American music, we have a fountain for you.

Longwood Gardens is also home to a popular beer garden.

“Guests love spending time before our performances with a lighted fountain, listening to live music in our beer garden,” Evans said. “We represent many local artists, and guests love to relax under the stars, listen to great music and enjoy drinks from the Victory Brewing Company, including our Oro Blanco Grapefruit Saison beer, brewed from grapefruit grown in Longwood.”

In other news, construction at 17 acres continues in Longwood Gardens.

“Longwood Reimagined continues to move forward and we are on track to open in the fall of 2024,” Evans said.

As previously reported, the $ 200 million project, known as Longwood Reimagined: A New Garden Experience, is a broad revision of 17 acres of the Longwood Conservatory and Territory. Projects include renovating and improving the Waterlily Court, creating a new open courtyard for bonsai, relocating, renovating and preserving the Cascade Garden, and a new 32,000-square-foot Western Conservatory is the central and largest component of the project.

Part of the initial phase of the project’s transformation included the expanded Orchid House, which can now be seen. The Orchid House has hundreds of orchids that are now housed under a new glass roof with improved showcases and great views of the fountains.

The Orchid House restoration, completed in February, marks the first milestone reached in Longwood Reimagined.

Longwood Gardens first opened to the public in 1921 (JEN SAMUEL ??

“By preserving and perfecting this cherished space, we have created an even better experience to enjoy our famous orchid collection so we can continue to share the diversity, beauty and importance of our orchids with our guests for a long time to come,” said Paul Redman, Director and Chief CEO of Longwood Garden, in February.

And as summer approaches, tickets are still available for future concerts and performances, including Bruce Monroe’s Light: Installations.

“We are excited to welcome artist Bruce Munro for Light: Installations by Bruce Munro, which opens on June 30 and features 8 installations across all the gardens,” Evans said.

“Art is a powerful way to connect people with yourself and the landscape,” said Bruce Monroe. “I hope to inspire guests to know more about the space they are in and enjoy the wonder of Longwood Gardens.”

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