This weekend, the tribute band Foo Fighters will perform in Lititsa; here’s how to get tickets Entertainment

Taylor Hawkins, drummer of Foo Fighters Rolling Stone, who aptly called it “fun” and “fierce”, died on March 25. He was 50 years old.

When music dies, there may be no better way to pay tribute to their lives than song. And Mickey’s Black Box concert this weekend – scheduled for Hawkins ’untimely death – could do just that.

On Saturday, April 2, on Saturday, April 2, beginning at 6 pm, in Mickey’s Black Box, on the Rock Lititz venue, there will be a Rockfest 90s concert.

It consists of three tribute groups, including Best of Foo, a tribute to the Foo Fighters of New Jersey.

Other acts in the bill include Remedy, a tribute to Counting Crows, and Lounge Fly, a tribute to the memory of Pilots Stone Temple.

Ticket price 25 and available online here.

Mickey’s Black Box is located at 101 Rock Lititz Blvd. in Litica. Click here to see all the events in the schedule of the site.

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