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Shortly after Japan was devastated by a tsunami on Friday, the world watched as floods terrorized the neighborhood.

Thousands died and millions were left speechless.

With the exception of rapper 50 Cent and comedian Gilbert Gottfried, who began posting the text on the social network Twitter, covering the situation.

I’m not going to reprint their tweets here because it will only give them a much larger audience. If you really want to read them, Google will help you find them.

If the two of them had said what they said on stage in front of a live audience, they would probably, we hope, have been enlightened back to their dressing rooms; but Twitter allowed them to send their message uncensored, which is great because the world has been able to realize their true identities. Now their supporters and employers can decide whether they should still be allowed to pursue a career. Aflak had already fired Gottfried like a voice behind a duck.

Some criticize Facebook and Twitter because it allows people to spread too much information about themselves. Since a person possesses his or her own identity, shouldn’t he or she be allowed to control his or her public image?

For those who publish several times a day when every post is critical of someone else, don’t get angry if people think you’re a nasty person. You are the reason they think so about you.

You don’t need to hire a public relations firm to understand how your image is portrayed by others.

I prefer to use the site to keep in touch with friends and share news or interesting websites. I don’t believe the world should know that I ate Life porridge with bananas for breakfast and then worked at the YWCA; went home, ate a turkey sandwich and drank a cup of iced tea for lunch, played with my dog ​​and went to work at the Times where I wrote a column, edited pages and ate for dinner a steak with fili-cheese Hot Pocket. After typing it and rereading, I don’t care, so why others?

But some find it exciting, so those who prefer to share every detail are on the site to please those who need to know every detail about people’s lives.

As I mentioned earlier, the Internet also allows unfiltered messages to reach the masses. Everyone has a voice that is not necessarily great.

One apparently local blogger wrote last week that the newspaper had decided to “noticeably ignore the local election.” I don’t know what he thinks, because we already had the profiles of many candidates, and there are two months left before the election, which gives us a lot of opportunities to talk to the candidates.

And I use “one, apparently a local, blogger” because this person refuses to give his name along with the posts; which probably doesn’t matter, since judging by the number of comments, not many read: zero. At least Gottfried and 50 Cent were brave enough to take responsibility for their garbage.

The internet will only grow, which is exciting and scary at the same time. We hope that teachers will add critical reading to the English curriculum at the entry level.

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