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PHILADELPHIA – The Mets in the midst of a 14-game match against divisional teams recorded something other than a win in the series, for the first time this season, when this week at Citi Field they shared a set of four games against the Braves. We saw little by little only from 18-9 Amazine. “Atlanta” outscored them 18-12, but they also continued their strong game in the double headers since last season, while the veteran starter showed more promise for next year.

Here are three things we learned about the Mets after their series split against the Braves.


Since Trevor Mae isn’t working until the break at the All-Star Game due to a stress response, the Mets ’bullpen is even thinner than the season began, and the relics will be asked to take action to withstand the storm. Adam Atavina became the first person to be given such responsibility on Wednesday in the club’s 9-2 defeat to Atlanta, and it wasn’t very nice. Atavina, also the Mets ’first unloader to make a serve for three days in a row this season, came in with loaded bases and allowed all of Taylor Magil’s runners to score a goal, in addition to three of his own earned runs.

Ottawa and Buck Shawolter were the center of frustration for Mets fans on Wednesday as many wondered why the captain would use Ottawa for the third day in a row. Showalter denied what Atavina had told him earlier in the day that he was putting up well. But once Ottawa’s deadly slider was blunt on Wednesday, and the reigning champions used it to train batting when they rallied for seven runs and put a bloody score in the sixth inning.

The Mets bullpen was the weakest link in the team in the 2022 season, so it is not surprising that several unsuccessful relief performances are detrimental to the stunning departure of a strong starting lineup. In less than 30 games this season, the bullpen has already used half of its conservation potential. But the strong rotation without Jacob de Grom is a surprise, as on Thursday the starting teams of the Mets carry 2.77 ERA, which is even more disappointing when it comes to a day like Wednesday, and the thin relief body will ruin all the good work.

Without May, relievers Drew Smith, Seth Lugo, Joel Rodriguez, Chasen Shrive and Ottawa will make relief with extra pressure to put zeros before the ball comes to Edwin Diaz. It is difficult to see that the Mets is legally acquiring the bullpen before the trade deadline, which is set for August 2. Thus, the Mets hopes that their strong starting rotation will continue to deepen the game and prevent unnecessary taxation.


The Mets showed their onslaught of double-heads last season, when the club played in the Premier League 14 double-heads in 2021. Last year, the Mets managed to avoid any of these 14 doubleheaders, while their opponent four times.

These double-counts last season were limited to seven innings due to pandemic rules, and they played a role in exposing 28 innings from Amazin’s season schedule. It was a controversial moment when the Mets missed the playoffs for the fifth season in a row, but the team’s ability to play hard these long days was encouraging.

This year, they won both of their double headers: the first meeting with the Giants in April, and the second – two wins in one day against the Brave earlier this week. The Doubleheads are back to nine innings this year, so there will be no sharp innings, only a player tax after a double working day.

As of Thursday, the Mets have only one doubleheader left in their schedule, Aug. 6 against the Browses at City Field. But due to the ugly rain forecast this weekend in Philly, and Amazin’s propensity for bad weather, it is almost inevitable that in the future the team will have more than one doubleheader. To motivate the Mets can point to their record of 22-10 double-heads last season.


Carlos Carrasco’s effort to rebound against the tough Braves lineup is becoming the most encouraging sign of the club’s split series. In the previous match against the Cardinals in St. Louis, Carrasco suffered eight runs in 3.2 innings, but in the five days between starts he made the necessary adjustments and on Tuesday won the second game in the team’s double header.

Carrasca threw eight innings and became the first starter in the MLB this season, having made several appearances on more than seven innings. Silencing the Braves lineup was no easy feat; Atlanta has the fourth best bounce rate (0.393) and second in the number of home runs (31) in the National League. However, Carrasca ensured that the Atlanta strikers went 0-1, and the runners took a goal position against him in his fifth outing of the year. The right-hander owns 3.30 ERA and 2.90 FIP for 30 innings this season.

The more Carasco will be able to make his disastrous trips, for example, to St. Louis, distant memories, the more goodwill he will gain from the Mets fans after his first season at Queens, which was injured last year. After an off-season operation to remove a bone spur in his elbow, Carasca acted as an old version of himself that the Mets expected to get from the Cleveland trade.


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