Tiger Woods advanced to the Masters second round after a great opening after a long break due to injury | Sports

On Friday, Tiger Woods advanced to the Masters after a remarkable return to competitive golf.

The 46-year-old Woods showed off all his composure and experience to finish at the top of the leaderboard, just four strokes away from leader Im Son Zhe at the end of the day.

While he seeks to complete another fairy tale and enter his first appearance in a professional golf tournament after a car crash in February 2021, Woods will be hoping for the same on the second day of the 2022 Masters.

And with a large crowd watching and eagerly hovering in the air, the 15-time main winner came up and threw the ball into the first hole, just so he could find the bunker to the right of the fairway.

He eventually punched an open hole, bringing it back to par for the tournament.

And his slow start to the second round continued on the next two holes, balancing a pair of five-five second holes before missing a short hit on the third hole for his second three-hole bullet, putting him in one over par.

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