Tim Anderson’s Homer from 3 runs emphasizes the victory of the “Chicago White Sox” against the “New York Yankees” – Reading Eagles.

Johnny Quetta was superb in Sunday’s double-header game against the New York Yankees.

Michael Kopech was even better in Game 2 when the Chicago White Sox defeated the Yankees 3-1 and 5-0.

“What a day,” Sox manager Tony La Rousseau said.

Cueta conceded six shots in six with extra zero innings at Yankee Stadium, but ignored that decision. The Sox gave up the late lead just to answer two in the ninth to win the game 1.

Kopech left the first 17 reflectors in the 2nd game. Rob Brentley broke the perfect game with two outs in the sixth.

“I felt like everything was working today,” said Kopech, who lowered his ERA to 1.29. “It happened for the first time this season. It was nice to go outside and feel confident with every throw.

“I try to be perfect every time and I know it will never be, but I feel that if I can keep it a little deep in the game, then I will be in a good position. And I was able to do that for most of the day. ”

Kopech – who returned from his parental leave list after the birth of his second son Vander on Friday – conceded one strike with six strikeouts and two walks in seven zero innings.

“Kopech made so many great innings and mixed them up,” La Rousseau said. “He had so much command. If you see this, I don’t care how good the strikers are, it won’t be easy for them. “

The Sox scored five with two outs in the eighth on RBI hits Andrew Vaughn and Reese McGuire and three home run shortstop Tim Anderson – his third hit of the game.

“This guy is as good as everyone who plays in this position and one of the best players in baseball,” La Rousse said of Anderson.

Vaughn passed with two outs, scoring in the center against Jonathan Loaisigi and brought home Jose Abreu. Next, McGuire performed another single, bringing in Adam Engel.

Anderson, who was booed all night by Yankee fans after Saturday words with Josh Donaldson and the incident with the clearing of the bench – then spoke against Miguel Castro.

“Tim will appear every day, ready to play and lead this team,” Kopech said. “And tonight he did it again.”

In the first game AJ Pollock put the Sox ahead in the ninth with a Homer win left on a quick 1-0 goal from Yankee corrector Aroldis Chapman.

“You have to be short to it,” Pollock said. “He has good speed, good relief of his fastball, so just tried to get on the line and it worked.”

Vaughn drew, moved to second place on the wild field and third with a passed ball before scoring in Engel’s double, making the score 3-1. Liam Hendrix scored two in the perfect ninth for his 13th save.

It was a good rebound from the Sox after the Yankees tied for 1 in the eighth when Aaron Judge homered left on a 0-2 sinker against a correction by Kendall Graveman.

The Yankees put two on one with an exit in the half, but Graveman bounced to make Donaldason fly to the center, and Aaron Hicks – in the third.

“More often than not, when you do that, (you) lose concentration, and another run appears on the board,” La Rousse said of Gravman. “Then he got zero, gave us a chance to win.”

Cueta put the Sox in a great position early on.

“I owned all my fields well today and they were moving very well and I was able to find them up and down the zone,” said Quetta, who was receiving fluids after game 1. “That was the key to getting the Yankees not balanced today. “

The Sox took the lead with a score of 1-0 on RBI single Yasmani Grandal in the fourth.

And Cueta continued to “talk,” as Pollock said. He crossed out five and passed two in the 95-point exit.

“He was amazing to us,” Pollock said. “Works fast and has different innings to get them off balance. Shimi Shake (shipping). Amazing to play after him. It’s nice that he’s there in the first game in the doubleheader because of the tone he just set for us. “

Cueta has made 12 zero innings, making it the third longest run for the Sox starter since he started working for the team since 1974, according to STATISTINE. Ken Brett made 17 innings without points in 1976, and Jack McDowell made 13 innings in 1987.

Cueta made two shots and scored seven in six zero innings against the Royal team.

“He’s an artist,” La Rousseau said. “It’s fun to watch him play the game. And that’s what he was, a great starting pitcher, because four times in the game he gives you a different look. “

Quetta left after allowing two singles to start seventh. Joe Kelly deleted Marvin Gonzalez, corrected Hicks for a second and deleted Jose Trevin to maintain the advantage in one run.

“Kelly was just perfect,” La Rousseau said.

The Yankees ran in the eighth, but Pollock came in with a big hit on the ninth to give the Sox what La Russa called a “hard-earned” victory.

The Sox did it two on two Sundays with more stellar pitching and clutch hitting.

“It just shows that we have it,” Vaughn said, “and we just have to keep going and developing it.”


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