Tired of inaction at high gas prices


Last week, I watched a speech on the state of the Union and five minutes of a speech on the number one problem that Americans face – inflation. We all know that the leading factor in inflation is gas prices. Our president said, “I authorize the release of 30 million barrels of oil reserves,” and “we are ready to do more, if necessary, in unity with our allies,” and finally, “these steps will help blunt gas prices here on home. ” The next day, Berks County gas prices rose from $ 3.78 to $ 3.93 per gallon, and on March 3 – to $ 4.19.

Republican legislation is being considered to speed up the lease of oil wells to stop rising gas prices. I wrote to MP Chrissy Hulahan, a Democrat and a member of the bipartisan Problem Solvers group, and urged her to walk through the aisle and work to stop the rise in gas prices.

Members of Congress would set a great example by refusing to compensate for mileage and experiencing pain in the pump. Will our legislators work in a bipartisan mode for Americans and address the major challenge we face, or will party political programs become an obstacle for consumers?

David Honey
The village of Spring

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