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Today in History: May 22, Johnson’s “Great Society.” Business

Today is Sunday, May 22, the 142nd day of 2022. There are 223 days left in the year.

Today’s moment of history:

On May 22, 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson, speaking at the University of Michigan, outlined the goals of his “Great Society,” saying it was “based on prosperity and freedom for all” and “requires an end to poverty and racial nationality.” injustice. “

In 1939, the foreign ministers of Germany and Italy, Joachim von Ribbentrop and Galeazzo Chan, signed a “steel pact” binding the two countries on a military alliance.

In 1960, a magnitude 9.5 earthquake shook southern Chile, killing at least 1,655 people.

In 1962, Flight 11 of Continental Airlines, en route from Chicago to Kansas City, Missouri, crashed after a bomb apparently exploded on board, killing all 45 Boeing 707 passengers.

In 1967, a fire at the L’Innovation department store in Brussels killed 322 people. Poet and playwright Langston Hughes has died in New York at the age of 65.

In 1968, the USS Scorpion nuclear submarine with 99 people on board sank in the Atlantic Ocean. (Later, the remains of the submarine were found on the ocean floor 400 miles southwest of the Azores.)

In 1969, the Apollo 10 lunar module with Thomas P. Stafford and Eugene Sernan on board flew nine miles from the moon’s surface during a dress rehearsal for the first lunar landing.

In 1985, American sailor Michael L. Walker was arrested aboard the aircraft carrier Nimitz two days after his father, John A. Walker Jr., was detained; both were later convicted of espionage in favor of the Soviet Union. (Michael Walker served 15 years in prison and was released in 2000.)

In 1992, after almost 30 years of rule, Johnny Carson last hosted the NBC program “Tonight Show”. (Jay Lena became host three days later.)

In 2006, the Department of Veterans Affairs said personal information, including the social security numbers of 26.5 million U.S. veterans, had been stolen from a VA officer after he took the information home without permission.

In 2011, a tornado devastated Joplin, Missouri, with winds of up to 250 miles per hour, claiming at least 159 lives and destroying about 8,000 homes and businesses.

In 2018, Stacey Abrams won the governor’s primaries from the Democratic Party of Georgia, making her the first woman to run for governor of Georgia from one of the major parties. (Abrams, who aspired to become the country’s first black female governor, was defeated by Republican Brian Kemp.)

In 2020, Anshtuka star Lori Laughlin and her husband, designer Massimo Gianli, pleaded guilty to paying half a million dollars at the University of Southern California as part of a college bribery scheme. (Laughlin will spend two months behind bars; Januli began sentencing to five months in November 2020 and was released from a home detention center in April 2021.)

Ten years ago: Falcon 9, built by billionaire businessman Elon Musk, rushed to the International Space Station with a cargo of food and other supplies, which was the first time a commercial spacecraft was sent to orbital outpost. Wesley A. Brown, the first African-American to graduate from the U.S. Naval Academy in Anapolis, has died in Silver Spring, Maryland, at the age of 85.

Five years ago: a suicide bomber detonated an improvised explosive device that killed 22 people at the end of Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester, England. With a historic gesture, President Donald Trump solemnly placed a note in the ancient stones of the Jerusalem Wailing Wall. Ford Motor Co. has announced it is replacing CEO Mark Fields. 93-year-old actress Dean Meryl has died at her home in East Hampton, New York.

A year ago: Virgin Galactic made its first rocket flight from New Mexico to the edge of space on a manned shuttle, a step towards offering tourist flights to the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere. An expert mountaineering guide said the coronavirus outbreak on Mount Everest infected at least 100 climbers and support staff; officials in Nepal have denied having a COVID-19 cluster at the world’s highest peak.

Today’s Birthday: Conductor Peter Nero – 88. Actor-director Richard Benjamin – 84. Actor Frank Converse – 84. Former CNN presenter Bernard Shaw – 82. Actor Barbara Parkins – 80. Pitcher of MLB stars Tommy John – 79. Taupin – 72. Actor-producer Allo Corley – 67. Senate Lisa Murkowski, Alaska, 65. Singer Maurice – 63. Actor Ann Cusack – 61 years. Country musician Dane Williams (Diamond Rio) – 61 years old. Rock musician Jesse Valenzuela 60. Actor Mark Christopher Lawrence 58. R&B singer Johnny Gil (New Edition) – 56. Rock musician Dan Roberts (Crash Test Kettles) – 55. Actor Brooke Smith – 55. Actor Michael Kelly Models Naomi Campbell – 52 years old Actor Anna Belnap 50. Actor Alison Eastwood 50. Singer Donnell Jones 49. Actor Sean Gann 48. Actor AG Langer 48. Actor Jennifer Goodwin – 44. Singer R&B singer R&B yu – 43 years. Olympic gold medalist Apollo skater Anton Ono – 40. Actor Molly Ephraim (TV: “The Last Man Standing”) is 36. Tennis player Novak Djokovic is 35 years old. Actor Anna Baryshnikova (TV: “Beautiful Donuts”) – 30. Actor Kamren Bikondov is 23 years old.

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