Tom Cruise reveals his most “changing” role Movies

Tom Cruise says that landing the role of Navy pilot Pete “Mayverica” ​​Mitchell in “Top Gun” “changed lives”.

The 59-year-old Hollywood star has always dreamed of becoming either a pilot or an actor, and if he could combine both careers in one film, it was a big thrill for him.

He said hello! magazine: “Everything I wanted to be is a pilot or an actor, so” Top Gun “

it was a great moment in many ways, including my passion for aviation.

“It changed my life.

“I really had to fly the F-14 jet that became a dream and play a character I loved in Maverick.”

In the latest blockbuster film “Top Gun: Maverick” Tom has to do more stunts in airplanes than ever before.

He said: “The P-51 Mustang you see in the movie is actually my plane, so I had to fly in those episodes.

“This time I also had to be in a jet fighter, which was exciting.

“That was what I was working on.”

The sequel to the 1986 action drama comes with an epic soundtrack by Oscar-winning Lady Gaga in “Hold My Hand.”

About how the pop megastar came to record the song, Tom said: “I saw one of Lady Gaga’s shows in Las Vegas and was surprised, so I called her to ask if she could help us.

“She sent a song and she was perfect.

“It’s really the heartbeat of the score.”


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