Tom Cruise’s real-life flight technique is called “terrible” by James Corden. Celebrities

Tom Cruise’s real flight technique was called “terrible” by James Corden.

The 59-year-old “Top Gun: Maverick” actor has also been called an “absolute fool” by the 43-year-old host of “The Late Late Show” for turning his head down on a fighter after Tom persuaded the presenter to join him on two planes from Hollywood Burbank Airport.

James, who has three children with his wife of 43 years, Julia Carey, said he got into the first ship built in 1944: “Even that’s awful.”

Tom, who has had a pilot’s license since 1994, warned him before takeoff that he would have to “roll over” and “throw” or “throw” him off the plane if the only engine caught fire.

Speaking in a sketch for his talk show – to promote the release of “Top Gun: Maverick” – actor James said: “Are you kidding? I do not want to be snatched.”

He also told Tom, “But you’re not a pilot, you’re an actor … you’ve also played a lawyer in ‘Some Good People,’ but I wouldn’t want you to represent me in court.”

Corden moaned that there was no Wi-Fi when they took off after the lesson as to open his parachute.

He said when they landed after the flight at 5am: “The fact that this is your idea of ​​a fun day only tells me how different we are as humans.”

Next, Tom revealed plans to his star pilot “Gavin and Stacey” on a fighter in the afternoon as part of “Top Gun Training”.

He told the presenter that there would be his “Goose” before Corden referred to the death of Cruz’s character from the original movie “Top Gun”, replying: “When you say I’m your Goose, it makes me feel excited, and then I understand that Goose dies at the end of the film ”.

After a night of camping in the desert and playing volleyball in the style of “Top Gun,” Tom took James on a fighter jet.

The actor took the plane feet from the trees and flew between the crevices in the rocks.

When he went “upside down,” Corden exclaimed, “You’re an absolute b ******.”

Before takeoff, the host told the actor “Cocktail” Cruz: “If you kill me tomorrow, I will pursue you.”

Cruz replied, “If I kill you tomorrow, I will die too.”

Earlier, the couple dived into the sky to promote the film franchise of the actor “Mission: Impossible”.


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