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Miami Dolphins general manager Chris Grier has made more drafts and off-season deals than any other NFL manager in his four years as head, but his phone was silent on Friday.

“We weren’t called from teams trying to go down,” Grier said, referring to a lack of interest in the Dolphins’ 102nd pick. which Miami used to select Georgia backer Channing Tyndall. «[Team owner] Steve [Ross] talked about it [being] the first time our phone did not ring. “

The Dolphins had hoped to use their pick in the third round to go down, potentially picking up more than three picks on Saturday’s third and final day, but were unsuccessful. Saturday may bring some movement if the teams are interested in the 125th Dolphin election in the fourth round, but it is more realistic that Miami will have to make the best of the two elections in the seventh round.

Here’s a look at the best prospects that are still available after the first three rounds of the 2022 NFL Draft:

Texas A&M tailback Isaiah Spiller

The spoiler, which has the perfect combination of size, instincts and fast legs, scored 2,993 yards and made 26 touchdowns in three seasons at Texas A&M. Despite his 74 tricks, his hands were inconsistent and he was a step slow in defending the pass.

Wake Forest Center Zack Tom

Tom played central before spending the last two seasons in Wake Forest’s left-hand drive. It is sporty, fast and mobile enough to be an effective reach blocker for a scheme outside the zone that the Dolphins intend to operate. Weighing in at 6 feet 4,295 pounds, he is slightly short.

Coastal Carolina Isaiah’s End Date Probably

Rather, it is a well-coordinated athlete who has the potential to become a dangerous playmaker at the seams in the right attack. Last season he caught 59 passes for 912 yards and scored 12 touchdowns, but there has to be a certain level of competition he faces. He is short for his position (6-4, 245) but willingly blocks.

Attack in Kentucky by Daryan Kinnard

While Kinnard was a tackle in college, his huge size (6 feet 5, 340 pounds) and strength hint that he would be the best guard in the NFL. He will resort to delinquency to establish physical tone.

Oklahoma defensive selection Perion Winfrey

Winfrey is probably best for 3-4 ends because of its size (6 feet 3, 295 pounds) and carcass. It was his explosive first step that helped him make 13 bags in three seasons. But he moves easily in the game of running.

Daniel Faalele on the offensive in Minnesota

This import from Australia continues due to its limited experience playing football. But he is massive (6 feet 8, 380 pounds) and is an unstoppable force in the game of running. He is also athletic enough to climb to the second level.

Texas A&M D-lineman Jaden Peavy

Peevy is a two-year starter with size, length and power at the point of attack to create some movement in the trenches. Despite an impressive height of 6 feet 5 and 308 pounds, he is able to get under the level of the pad of opposing offensive linemen. The biggest concern is that he found himself on the ground with too many shots per game.

Virginia Brock Hoffman Technical Center

Hoffman, a former Carolina Coastal graduate who graduated from college at Virginia Tech, uses leverage and a broad base (his 6-3, 310 pounds) to produce power for the anchor. It can rise to the second level and will be an effective pull-out in a season or two with proper development.

Arkansas Territory Rasher Tre Williams

Williams, who has 6 feet 4, 252 pounds, has an explosive first step and the athleticism needed to complete the games. It has the physical tools – length, frame and balance – to effectively deliver the advantage. His lateral speed is likely to guarantee that he will be called up, but he has been charged with DWI and charged with a second-degree home attack, to which he has spoken less, and teams need to investigate thoroughly.

LSU linebacker Damon Clark

Clark is a large (6-3, 245) linebacker with good proportions, the length and speed of which help him in coverage. He has an aggressive temperament and his efforts are never enough. Although he has been very productive (135 selections, 5.5 bags and one interception), in his last season at LSU there is still room for growth and improvement.

Sam Houston is corner defender of McCall

McCollum, a five-year starter of the FCS program, is a hockey player (13 intercepters) who has a good combination of size (6-2, 200) and speed (4.33 on a 40-yard jerk). He is instinctive, has phenomenal ball skills and catches the ball at the highest point. He is also physically against running. His biggest challenge will be adapting to the wide players that match his size, speed and athleticism.

North Carolina quarterback Sam Howell

Howell’s 3,056 yards and 24 touchdowns in 2021 can actually be considered a disastrous year after he threw 3,500 or more yards and 30 extra landings each of the first two seasons. It was a by-product of the loss of receiver Dayami Brown and the great game he played with defenders Javonte Williams and Michael Carter. But Howell has the talent to be a starting point in the NFL and can be dormant in that draft.

Wisconsin Tight & Jake Ferguson

Ferguson is a reliable, confident target who can use some refinement in his running route and lock in line. He has caught 145 passes on 1,618 yards and 13 touchdowns in 47 games he has spent in the last four seasons. He has soft hands and he has a talent for being more than a blocker for the right scheme.

San Diego dealer Matt Araiza

Anyone nicknamed “Punt God” should be dynamic, and Araiza certainly is. He has elite leg strength and the ability to turn over fields, which could make him the tallest player since Todd Sauerbrunn finished 56th overall in 1995. Most NFL insiders expect him to be taken before the end of the fourth round, and could immediately become a top 10 in the NFL.

Nevada Quarterback Carson Strong

Strong’s last name accurately described his hand, which puts him in the fight for the best hand of all the quarterback’s drafts. But he is limited to playing out of pocket and lacks elite handling skills.

Georgia tailback white measure

White was thundering in the makeup and lightning of the Bulldogs, which he shared with James Cook, who was captured by the Buffalo Bills. He is a big, tough runner who knows how to make his way through traffic.

Alabama corner defender Jalin Armor-Davis

Armor-Davis is a little unknown because he only started one season in Alabama, but his physical traits are impressive. He is aggressive in supporting running, and his physical fence. Teams need to work out his medical history to feel comfortable in where he needs to be chosen.

Miami Receiver Charleston Rambo

Rambo’s speed and explosiveness guarantee him a chance to get on the NFL list because he’s a great producer. Although throughout his career in college he has been doing acrobatic punches, he has problems when things get physical.

Florida International RB D’vonte Price

Price’s traits and football squad overshadowed the staging (2,203 yards, 6.0 yards per carry and 16 touchdowns in 49 games over five seasons) that he had for the Panthers. His size (6-1, 210), speed (4.38 in a 40-yard dash) and ability to run big will motivate the team to take him in the final rounds. Put him in the right scheme, and behind a solid line of attack he can become a driver for 1,000 yards.

Southeast Louisiana QB Cole Kelly

Kelly, crossing from Arkansas, suddenly liberated and attacked all areas of the field. He exhibited ridiculous numbers while feasting on lower-level competitions, but was impressive in post-season practices and games. He’s also athletic enough to move chains with his feet, and has made at least one quick touchdown in 10 of 13 games last season.


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