Township Armstrong votes for permission to license alcohol Local news

Voters in the town of Armstrong seem to have approved a referendum that would allow alcohol licenses in the township between Shelokta and suburban Indiana.

Or perhaps more accurately, one license for someone’s alcohol.

Asked about the problem in Salzburg, where next month the district council will vote to transfer the license to Central Township, Sean Kelly, a spokesman for the Pennsylvania Alcohol Control Council, said there was a quota of one license for every 3,000 residents of the city. municipality.

According to the US Census Bureau, in 2020 the town of Armstrong had 2,761 inhabitants.

According to unofficial data from voting and elections in Indiana County, 520 voted for, 238 – against.

If at the polling station № 1 of the settlement 32 percent of all registered voters voted, then on election day on election day they voted 99 “for”, 60 – “no”, but with absentee votes and by mail – 131 “for” and 76 “no”.

With the same percentage of all registered voters who voted at polling station № 2, where the total number of registered voters is almost three times higher than at polling station № 1, on election day on election day voted 317 “yes”, 122 “no”, but with the missing and the total number of mailings was 389 yes, 162 no.

Armstrong was the only municipality in the county where non-partisan voters had a choice. The number of registered non-Democrats or Republicans is 237, while 465 are Democrats and 1,185 are Republicans.

At the polling station № 1 64 are registered as non-partisan, 134 as Democrats and 303 as Republicans.

At the polling station № 2,173 are registered as non-partisan, 331 – Democrats and 882 – Republicans.

On other issues on Indiana County Election Day:

Also according to unofficial data from voting and elections in Indiana County:

• Ronald J. Ferman overtook Indiana County Democratic Committee Chairman Ann Ri for a seat on the Democratic State Committee, Ferman received 3,086 votes (1,685 on election day, 1,401 in absentia and by mail), Reo 2,720 (1,595 on Ele). Day, 1125 correspondence and postal bulletins).

• Patricia Streams-Warman has not received contenders for a female seat on the Republican State Committee from Indiana County.

• Two men fought for a male seat on the State Republic Committee.

James Zerlos had an election day lead of 4,313 to 3,740 over Jesse D. Daniel, and gained a slight advantage in absentee and postal ballots, 443 to 436, to get a total of 4,756 votes against 4,176 for Daniel.

On Tuesday, at the relevant primaries, candidates for state and federal legislatures met no resistance.

This includes incumbent Republican MP Jim Struca and Democratic nominee Brian Doyle in the 62nd Legislature in Central and South Indiana; and incumbent Republican Brian Smith, who was the sole candidate on the ballot from any party in the 66th Legislature, including North Indiana County.

Incumbent Republicans from Republicans Guy Reshantaller and Glen Thompson also met no opposition in their contests.

Reshantler is in the re-elected 14th constituency of Congress, including much of Indiana County.

Thompson is in the redesigned 15th District of Congress, covering the Glen Campbell, Marion Center and Smixburg districts, all the towns of Banks, Kano, East Mahoning, Grant, Montgomery, North Mahoning and West Mahoning, and parts of the northern end of the North North.

The rest of South Mahoneing was moved to the 14th District.

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