Trouble in the jungle, as gorillas hack almost half of their headquarters

Posted last night after 8pm CEST, according to Store Managerformerly 10-minute delivery, now delivery service “in minutes”. Gorillas distributes pink forms to about 320 employees at its headquarters in Berlin. The reason for the layoffs, the publication called measures to reduce costs, and noted that the issue of closing several national markets, including Spain, Italy, Denmark and Belgium.

Only last year did the Gorillas claim the title the fastest European startup to achieve unicorn score, a feat accomplished in just nine months. However, this growth seemed to be costly as reports of appalling working conditions, delays or inaccurate payments and a number of other problems faced by racers began to emerge. A working group was organized, courts were repeatedly involved, and here it is it is.

Business Insider reported In late February, Gorillas is looking for at least 630 million euros in its next round of funding, and these drastic cost-cutting measures could be used to put the company’s books in a better position when potential investors are asked to look at the figures. And by numbers I mean a clear path to profitability.

Gorillas has not yet responded to’s request for comment.

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