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Mike McDaniel and his coaching staff seem to be setting the tone for the team they want the Miami Dolphins to become during the first organized team session open to the media – which was much more physical than expected.

Practice in pads and shorts does not usually include physical jogs during 11-on-11 sessions, but there were many games on Tuesday’s first team period, and there were times when strikers and defensive players were on the ground.

Salvon Ahmed had some good runs, using his speed to bounce on the outside. Austin Jackson did a fantastic job by opening a running lane on one of Ahmed’s shortened runs, which went 20 yards.

З Chase Edmonds not present and Rahim Mostert by completing a rehabilitation assignment due to a knee injury he received at the opening of last season, Ahmed gets a chance to show his ability to play, which he demonstrated last training camp and in his inaugural season.

The most pleasant surprise on Tuesday was the fact that the offensive line was creating runways.

But dolphins ’rules about what happens during OTA sessions don’t allow the media to say who works where. But I can say Connor Williamswho worked on the shooting during his stay in Dallas may not be a lock for the starting left guard.

I can say that too Liam Eichenberg It looks like he has strengthened his shape because his shoulders are wider than they were during his time as a newbie.

After practice, Theron Armstead spent 20 minutes working with Eichenberg and Robert Jones on their position and movement.

Other observations

Tua Tagawailoa the hand made some noticeable improvement.

It’s not sharp, but noticeable, especially in the transitions through the middle. He made two passes in the middle of the field during a 7-on-7 – one before Mike Hesicki and even before Jaylen Waddle – who got there with some lightning.

However, the biggest game of the day took place on the pass when Tagawailoa threw it 30 yards down with a small arch. He threw the ball straight into the bucket for Preston Williams on the left side line. If the angular side Nick Needham failed to repel the pass and landed on the ground, Williams launched it for a 75-yard landing during a 11-on-11 workout.

Williams, who was remarkable during training camps for the first two years of his career, seems to be showing the new coaching staff the talent that made the non-draft rookie a starting starter in 2019.

Don’t sleep when Williams holds on because it’s obvious he’s in the top echelon when it comes to talent. The problem he had throughout his career was to master the collection of games. …

New player Thomas Morsted uploaded antlers on Tuesday. It was very noticeable that he had a big leg because most of those who came back had to fight back an extra 10 yards to hit the ball. …

Ceylan Phillips was wearing an orange T-shirt during a workout on Tuesday, that means he has been the best performer since Monday, which is McDaniel’s new policy.

As the best performer, Phillips could pick music the next day and it was heavy Kanye West, Lil Uzi and Playboi Carti. Phillips was very noticeable on the field, especially in terms of technique. З Emanuel Ogba sitting in an OTA session, Phillips was given the opportunity to hone his belt technique and edge work. …

Teddy Bridgewater was very impressive at the session open to journalists. Decisions were quick and passes for money. He contacted Tyrick Hill twice down. …

Newcomer tailtail ZaQuandre White had a good acceleration to the right. …

Angular Noah Igbinagenwho has seen a lot of action because Xavien Howard and Byron Jones were not participants on Tuesday, had a good gap on the pass from Tagawailoa to Waddle. …

Waddle caught a good pass Brandon Jones during 7-on-7. …

Defensive selection Adam Butler did field sprints instead of exercises, but he participated in individual and positional work.


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