Tussey School Board Member Resigns Pennsylvania News

It is expected that if the Tassi Mountain School Board meets next Monday night for a monthly vote, it will regretfully accept the resignation of longtime school board member Brandi Folk. The proposal to approve her resignation will be one of several proposals on personnel issues on the agenda.

School board members discussed next week’s agenda during a working session Monday night at the district office in East Saxton. The meeting was chaired by Board President Harry Watkins.

Folk has been a member of the council several times in the past, as well as her current position, which will end in December 2023. Folk represents District II School District, which includes Broad Top Township and Coledale Borough, both in Bedford County.

In her resignation, Folk did not name a reason to leave.

Folk’s resignation came after the November 2 general election, which resulted in no candidates running for office.

As of last week, there were no appealed names on the ballots, subject to final disclosure of registered votes. In zone II there is at least one four-year and two-year term. In districts I and II some places remain open. The reorganization of the school board is scheduled for early December.

Zone III includes the town of Hopewell, Huntingdon County, and the towns of Saxton and Liberty in Bedford County. Area I includes the towns of Carbon, Todd and Wood and the districts of Broad Top City, Dudley and Coalmont, all in Huntingdon County.

Council President Watkins was re-elected in Zone I, and current board member John Bowman was retained in Region III during last week’s election.

Also on staffing issues, next week the board will be asked to approve the transfer of the assistant in the class “After3” to part-time, except for the resignation of the assistant Life Skills and approve a long list of volunteers and staff for various positions in 2021. -22 semester

The council will also decide to add several people to the district’s list of surrogate support staff, approve a 21st century part-time assistant, and a 2.5-hour toolkit / part-time assistant’s job description. Also on the agenda is a request to add the names to the lists of district nurses and approve two new “mercenaries” for 2021-2022.

The Council will also act on the proposed revisions and adoption of several district policies and approve 10 requests for the use of buildings, three requests for travel and one request for a conference / seminar.

With regard to the proposed charter school policy, at least one board member expressed concern about some of its content. Actions under the policy are scheduled for next week.

The ongoing discussion about the need to improve high school tennis courts was also discussed last night, and the board considered an updated quote of $ 243,393 provided by Gordian of Bedford.

However, some board members are concerned about the quote, which indicates that it was extremely high for the work that needs to be done. The board wants to meet with company representatives to review the proposal and find ways to reduce the cost.

The proposal to continue paying bus / van contractors for COVID transportation and / or virtual days is also expected to receive board approval next Monday night.

After the working session, President Watkins convened an executive session on personnel matters.


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