Twin Valley, Exeter will win to reach the Berks softball semifinals

Twin Valley junior Megan Burnett did her job at the top of the eighth inning and gave the Raiders the opportunity to successfully defend their crown of the Berks softball league, which they have won in the last two active seasons (2019, ’21).

In an extra inning, she defeated Homer with two seeded on the left field to raise the Raiders with a fifth seed to a 4-2 win over Fleetwood 4-0 in the Berks quarterfinals on Saturday in cloudy Laureldale. Exeter defeated Gov. Mifflin 6-1 in the first game of the doubleheader.

“I’m glad you knew it was coming out,” Burnett said of his Homer. “I had no idea. I mean, it felt good, but not so good. I was just trying to run as fast as possible. I didn’t get a home run all season, so I didn’t expect that. “

Being an appointed striker, Burnett’s only duty is to wave the bat, and she did so at one of the highest moments of the season.

“Since I don’t get time on the field, my main goal is to strike,” Burnett said. “Getting hits is my top priority, all the time.”

Twin Valley co-coach Kim Walsh said the coaching staff told the team to sit back with their hands on the fields; they swung hard because they were worried, and if they waited a little longer, they would start throwing balls into the game.

“She just worked hard waiting for it,” Walsh said. “She’s our DP (appointed player), so her one task is to hit, and she’s done her job today.”

The Raiders (14-6) fell behind in the second inning when Morgan Keller of Fleetwood scored from second place after a mistaken throw to first base due to a hit by Hailey Mauger.

Both teams were left without points for the next three innings due to an effective pass from Caitlin Pitlesky of Fleetwood and Erin Cromwell of Twin Valley, who were backed by solid defensive play.

Cromwell, a freshman, played the full game and reached base in all four of his tables with two singles and two moves.

This Twin Valley team is different from previous championship teams, even last season, but the target on the backs of the Raiders remains; When a pitcher freshman goes far in his first playoff game, it shows the culture that was built.

“I was very nervous to get started,” Cromwell said. “It’s been my dream all my life, just to play and even be here is amazing and something I’ve always wanted to do. I am very grateful that my dad pushed me so hard and made me be here. ”

Cromwell has focused on softball since the age of 6, an interest stimulated by her dad Darin, who played baseball at the University of La Salle.

Her nerves began to fade after the first few innings, and the Raiders finally tied 1-1 at the top of the sixth when she scored in Sage Hervey’s singles match.

Casey Levan then hit the RBI single at the top of the seventh to bring Twin Valley first in the game 2-1.

But the Tigers (14-5) did not finish. Keller lined up a triple with two outs at the bottom of the seventh, and Mauger outplayed the throw to the first for a single RBI in the backyard to equalize it.

Burnett then did his job by scoring the ball into the tree behind the left field fence, and Cromwell calmly got the last three outs to seal it for the county champions.

“Absolutely,” Burnett said when asked if she and the team were thinking about winning their third consecutive county title. “That’s what we’ve been working on all season.”

“I’m just here to keep going,” Cromwell said of his success in Twin Valley softball.

Next: Exeter Eagles, who sowed first.

Exeter’s best sport Taylor Menzer is the football in which she used to score goals; On Saturday, she released a different type of ball from the park to start the Eagles ’quest to return to the Berks final for the first time since 2017 and win it for the first time since 2016.

Mentzer, the UNC Greensboro commit to football, Homer rocket with two runs left at the bottom of the first and the Eagles (16-2) never looked back in victory over the eighth seeded Mustang. They will meet Twin Valley in the semi-finals on Tuesday in Lyon, the time will be announced.

“I just didn’t want a replacement,” Menzer said of her twice. “The first serve was called a strike and I knew it would be hot on the second. I just tore it down. “

The blast set the tone and provided confidence in junior starting pitcher Morgan Herb, which allowed her to settle down and direct four strikers.

“It’s great from a pitcher’s point of view because it gives me confidence that I can throw a hitter or let someone in at first base, and it’s not that hard,” Herb said of Homer Menzer. . “I can work more confidently because we have such a pillow.”

That cushion rose when Hailey Speicher, Bucknell’s committee, hit the RBI single in the second, and Cheyenne Boyles and Taylor Hill got the RBI in the third.

Sofia Schmel scored after a wild serve in the fourth for the Mustang (12-8), but that was not enough as Mifflin fell to Exeter for the third time this season.

Exeter completed another run in the fifth on the second RBI Hill.

“We knew we had beaten them twice, so we definitely didn’t want to take them lightly,” Menzer said. “We knew they were shooting for us and also wanted to win this game. We had to come out strong, start the first inning and set the pace. “

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