Two arrested after a shootout over the sale of a dog in Modena – Daily Local

MODENA – Two men were arrested after a shooting this week after a dispute over the sale of a dog in Modena.

Arrested David Trevon Flowers, 28, of South Coutsville and Troy Lee Hardy, 38, of North Brandywine Avenue in Modena.

It all started on the morning of Monday, May 2, when Flowers and Hardy were discussing the sale of a dog at Hardy’s residence on North Brandywine Avenue, near Fulton Ali. The dispute escalated, and police said Hardy pulled out a 9mm pistol and fired one shot at the 2005 GMC Yukon, which hit the left wing. With a gun in his hand, police said Hardy threatened to kill Flowers if he did not pay him the money he owed for the purchase of the dog.

But Flowers in response pulled out his 9mm pistol and fired three shots into the back of a 2007 black Mercedes Benz Hardy, punching three bullet holes in the trunk of the car. Incredibly, no one was hurt.

According to witnesses and further police investigations, shell casings and two bullet fragments were found at the scene. Four witnesses reported hearing four shots, one shot and then three consecutive shots. According to police, one witness saw shots from the Yukon to the Mercedes.

Hardy, according to police, was on his property and had a permit to carry a firearm. He voluntarily surrendered his 9mm police pistol. Police said Flowers “got rid” of the firearm.

Flowers was arrested on May 2 and charged with negligently endangering another person, banning the carrying of an unlicensed firearm, felony, felony mischief and hooliganism. The flowers were taken to the district court, where he was prosecuted and given a $ 50,000 bail, and then taken directly to the Chester County Jail.

Hardy was arrested on May 5 and charged with reckless danger to another person, terrorist threats, criminal mischief and hooliganism. He was prosecuted and released on $ 24,000 bail.

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