Looking to dine at some of the the most exciting restaurants in America? You can hop on SEPTA or take a short trip to make it happen.

Two Philadelphia-area restaurants are among the 50 places in America that the New York Times is now “most excited about”List of restaurants 2022.”

Including the NY Times South Philadelphia Gabriela’s Vietnam and Andiario in West ChesterPennsylvania, on the “50 Restaurants We Like Most in 2022” list.

Gabriella’s Vietnam opened at 1837 East Passyunk Avenue in February 2021. Chef Thanh Nguyen’s restaurant “aspires to bring the most authentic flavors of Vietnam to Philadelphia, presenting each dish exactly as it is served on the streets of Vietnam,” according to the announcement. restaurant website.

NYT’s Priya Krishna seems to have taken notice of this kitchen: “The presentation of the food here is as exciting as the flavors, and a meal can quickly turn into a party.”

In the review, Krishna noted dishes such as Bánh bèo chén (water fern dumplings), Bánh bột lịc and catfish hot pot.

“The restaurant is minimally decorated — perhaps because the food does all the talking,” Krishna wrote.

Tony Andiario and Maria van Schejjik opened Andiario at 106 West Gay Street in March 2018.

Brett Anderson explains NYT review How Chester County Diner Keeps Local:

“For example, the local pepper radicchio that Mr. Andiario ties into a ball on top of slices of porchetta di testa, atop a golden round chestnut crepe. Or Pennsylvania guinea hens covered in a cream sauce with local mushrooms. Italian restaurants are popular vehicles for showcasing regional ingredients. Mr. Andiario takes things even further, convincing diners to believe, at least for lunch, that there are few better places to get Italian food than this college town 30 miles west of Philadelphia.”

So how exactly did Vietnam and Andiario Gabriela come to the attention of the New York Times?

The NYT explained how they made the top 50 list:

“While we love to see a dynamic new dining room open its doors, we’re just as impressed by the kitchens, which are performing at their best in years. So while some of our picks debuted just this summer, others have been around for decades. they have one thing in common: the food is great.”

In fact, Pennsylvania had the third restaurant to make the NY Times list Pharmacy in Pittsburgh was also recognized.

Yesold here to check the complete list of favorites across the country.


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