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Two Republicans are pushing voters to vote for incumbent Democrat Christine Howard and to represent the state in the 167th constituency.

Gail Newman and Melissa Dykranyan are included in the Republican ballot for the May 17 primaries.

Dykranyan lives on a family farm in a 1780s farmhouse in a preserved area in Charlestown.

She is a member of the Charlestown History and Architecture Review Board, liaison with Charlestown City Planning and Zoning, a consultant to the Thomas Bond House, Philadelphia, a member of the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau, and a small business owner.

She graduated from Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston. Her professional experience in architectural firms, primarily in the design of corporate offices. Most of all she likes to be connected with companies that are growing in a new market and creating their own brand identity.

“My decision to enter the state race focused on wanting to be part of a community through community-based leadership,” she said. “My desire comes from the understanding that people should be a priority even in the political sphere, where they are often only in appearance.

“I can only hope that I will be entrusted with this journey, on which my will has already been laid out.”

Dykranyan studied for this job.

“Ever since I took part in this race, I have devoted my schedule to researching, interviewing and listening to potential voters about what is important to them and why,” she said. “These are small business owners, economic development groups, parents of schoolchildren and city authorities.

“The economic landscape is being mapped in a new way, families, companies and communities are moving forward, and the task is not without difficulties – time is hard and difficult.

“We have something to offer in our district, people want to participate and are interested in what shapes the district. We have a lot of people who spend a lot of their time working to get our area back where it belongs – for the benefit of the people.

“This is fundamentally essential. PEOPLE FIRST. It will be an honor for me to represent the communities, the voice of the people, our district.

Candidate Dikranyan is a business supporter and advocates for legislation that supports small business. She also advocates for the introduction of corporate taxes to make Pennsylvania businesses more competitive with other states.

“I support legislation that supports businesses that even partially remain open during emergencies,” she said. “I want to hand over the decisions to the (district) commissioners, not to one of them, the governor.”

The candidate supports rapid response services and safe communities. She will study and study the obstacles that create a shortage of nurses.

Dykranyan also supports quality education.

“Raising a child is a moral, not an ethical responsibility,” she said. “Decisions must be devoid of political or one-sided views.”

It supports affordable housing.

“This is what we are all trying to get around,” the candidate said.

“We need to strike a balance between affordable housing and open space.

“With our growth, we will have to find a balance.”

Newman is a medical professional.

“I feel that being a small business person, a middle-class worker, working in health care all my adult life, is a great foundation for serving“ we, the people, ”she said,“ I want to support all people and stand up for small business people and workers whose needs are often not met. ”

Newman supports schools.

“I am in favor of lower taxes, big schools of choice (while defending public schools), vocational training programs, protection of special needs programs, balanced development, a clean environment with all the above energies, health care choices, ending excessive and preferential small business blockades that have bankrupted so many businesses (the vast majority of people work in small businesses), law and order with criminal justice reform ”.

On Tuesday, May 17, polling stations are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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