Tyler Héroe from Heath, Marcus Smart from the Celtics came out in the 4th game of the Eastern Final – Reading Eagles

The Miami Heat took a rare step by announcing the player’s absence on Monday when coach Eric Spoelstra said guard Tyler Era was not participating in the 4 games of the Eastern Conference finals due to a groin sprain.

At the morning shooting at TD Garden Spoelstra said it was a matter of protecting the Hero from the instinct to break through.

“We just had to be really responsible and make the decision out of his hands,” Spoelstra said, and team doctor Harlan Selesnik consulted with Herro before Spoelstra approached the media. “He really wants to be there.

“Coaches and Dr. Selesnik don’t think it’s the best idea because of the intensity and everything else. But let’s see. He is young. We will treat him day by day and see what happens from there. “

In contrast, the Boston Celtics waited 90 minutes before announcing that starting guard Marcus Smart had dropped out due to an ankle sprain. Smart also missed the Celtics ’defeat in the first game due to a mid-foot sprain.

As for Erro, the winner of the NBA’s “Sixth Man of the Year” award in 2022, the absence occurred in a serious case when he scored 4 of 15 shots on Saturday night in the 3rd game in the victory over the Celtics, which gave the “Hit” 2-1. leads in the best of seven series.

It was a struggle that may have been exacerbated by the groin problem.

“The end of the first half,” Spoelstra said of a possible moment of Erro’s injury. “I think it was on the float. He doesn’t remember at all. And then there was the closure of Jaylen Brown in the next possession. It could have happened during this sequence. “

Spoelstra said it is important that staff and coaches take an active approach in such situations.

“We have a lot of experience with that,” Spoelstra said. “It seems to me that I had these tough conversations with the guys really the whole second half of the season and then of course in the playoffs.

“Guys want to be available. This is the time of year that everyone wants to play. You play through more things than if it were a November game. But there is also a responsibility to athletes and their health, and we need to be disciplined before that. And sometimes these are difficult decisions. “

Central Bam Adebayo said he feels Hero.

“I feel he’s in serious pain,” Adebayo said. “He is our sixth man of the year. In some games he carried us. So that’s the biggest part of Tyler’s loss. It can kill in bundles. He sees two punches, and the next thing you know he can do is 10, 12 [points] in a quarter. “

Adebayo said that was when Victor Aladip’s veteran presence was so significant.

“Just because he worked so hard on this opportunity, getting injured, in and out of it, and then we throw him out, he successfully fulfills his role. So we just need him to continue to be successful in his role. ”

Also on the sidelines during the morning shootout was starting forward PJ Tucker, who was dealing with left knee irritation.

Although Tucker wore an inflatable sleeve over his knee and was receiving stimulant treatment, Spoelstra downplayed the concern.

“I mean, it’s basically the same place he was in shooting before Game 3,”

Another problem due to injury on Monday was inflammation of the right knee, which continued to start forward Jimmy Butler for the second half of Saturday’s win.

Spoelstra said Butler showed no signs of restriction.

Also, quarterback Kyle Lowry was given the right to move forward, returning on Saturday after missing eight of the previous 10 games due to a hamstring sprain.

“It went well,” Spoelstra said.


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