Uber’s big new update lets you book party buses, electric vehicles and more – here’s what’s new – NBC10 Philadelphia

  • Uber announced its latest update list on Monday before what is expected to be a busy season of travel and activities.
  • Features announced during the Go / Get virtual event include things like charter bookings, the ability to download a travel itinerary for travel bookings, voice bookings and an EV center for drivers.
  • Uber is working to become a “super-app” to diversify its offerings, which could potentially boost profitability in the long run.

Uber announced its latest list of updates on Monday before what is expected to be a busy season of travel and activities.

Features announced during it Go / Get a virtual eventinclude:

  • A new option that allows you to book a bus or passenger minibus.
  • A trip itinerary feature that helps book trips over a long trip, such as a vacation, from one place to another.
  • Voice ordering
  • Electric car hub for drivers.

Uber is working to become a “super-supplement” as a way to diversify its offerings, which could potentially boost profitability in the long run. For example, this summer the company is adding trains, buses, planes and car rentals to its UK program.

Here are the main suggestions:


Travel Uber

Uber will allow users to book trips for each part of their itinerary at one center in the app. The user first connects his Gmail account to the app, then Uber publishes booking information and organizes flight, hotel and restaurant plans in one place for what he calls “stress-free travel”. People who book with Uber Travel will receive a 10% refund in Uber cash for each trip booked. The feature will appear on Monday in the US and in the coming weeks in Canada.


Uber Charter

Uber is expanding its traffic capabilities through partnerships with US Coachways. The company will allow people to book large vehicles such as a bus for parties, a passenger minibus or a bus, directly in the app, with an advance. The feature will launch in the US this summer.

Uber is in the stadiums

Uber is launching orders at Uber Eats and Postmates venues at some stadiums in the US and France. Users will be able to place their orders from concessions at the appropriate stadiums and skip the queue to pick up the order when it is ready. Uber Eats at Stadiums is available in California at Dodger Stadium and Angel Stadium; in New York at Yankee Stadium; in Washington, DC at Capital One Arena; in Houston at Minute Maid Park; in San Jose, California, at PayPal Park; and in Rennes, France, in the Roajon Park.

Voice ordering

Users can also start ordering Uber Eats using their Google Assistant through a new integration. All a customer has to do is say “OK Google” and ask to order food at a restaurant on Uber Eats. The feature has begun to spread worldwide in English, and Uber will add more languages ​​in the coming months.


EV hub and charging card

Uber has made a global commitment to become a zero-emission mobile platform by 2040, but it will need to connect to drivers. The company has announced a new system in the app for drivers looking for more information on electric vehicles. The EV Hub is designed as “a single window where they (drivers) can get information and incentives to join the electrical revolution and even compare the cost of owning an EV with a non-EV”. Uber is also adding a charging map to the Uber Driver app, which shows where the nearest chargers for EV are located, what are the charging speeds and how to get there.

Uber Comfort Electric

Uber releases electric comfort that allows users to ride on premium EVs such as Tesla or Polestar. The feature is available Tuesday in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Dubai, and is expected to be expanded to other markets soon.

Vouchers for events

Users can now cover the cost of travel for event guests with vouchers. The person hosting will enter the details of the event, the maximum amount they want to pay, and summarize the generated code with their guests. Guests themselves determine the time of pickup and disembarkation, as well as the chosen location.


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