Unattended child shot dead in parked car in Kaln – Daily Local

CALN TOWNSHIP — A young child was shot and killed after he was left unattended with a gun in a vehicle Saturday morning in Caln Township.

Police from Cologne Township and the Town of Coatesville were dispatched to the parking lot behind Poppa’s in the 1800 block of Lincoln Highway at 11:45 a.m. Saturday morning for a report of a possible fight in the parking lot. Police also received reports of someone possibly with a weapon.

Minutes before police arrived at the scene, the incident escalated into a shooting when a caller reported a child, approximately two to three years old, was found inside the vehicle with a gunshot wound to the side. Witnesses to the incident stated that the child was alone in the vehicle for an unknown amount of time and that a loaded handgun was left in the vehicle. It is not known how the child got hold of the weapon. The child’s father returned to the car, found the child and called for help.

Another bystander at the scene said she ran to help and applied pressure to the child’s wounds until paramedics arrived. She also stated that the boy was semi-conscious and that they kept splashing water on his face to keep him awake. Emergency medical personnel took the child to the trauma center in an unknown condition.

Caln Police and Coatesville Police could be seen Saturday morning with police tape around the Black Dodge Ram in the parking lot.

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