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CP Photo: Dani Janae

Half a dozen donuts from Valkryie

Donuts are one of the greatest joys of life. As a vegan who stopped eating donuts 10 years ago, I never thought the day would come when there would be such a great variety of alternatives to my favorites, rich in eggs and dairy.

For some reason over the years most existing vegan donuts have been donuts. Usually dense and crumbly, these donuts were good, but they just didn’t get into that place like, say, the Krispy Kreme donut.

Now things have changed and there are plenty of fried donuts available for vegans and non-vegans. The Onion Maiden store in Allentown, Pittsburgh, has wonderful vegan donuts that come with ingenious flavors and colors. But Allentown is a bit of a hike for my East End-oriented life, so when it was announced that Valkyrie Donuts would open a store in Pittsburgh, I was very happy.

The Florida-based company officially opened its headquarters in Bellevue in 2021. Before that you could find their square donuts in Adda Coffee and Tea or Curated Flame as a popup. Now that they have a regular store, Valkyrie prepares delicious donuts for vegans and anyone who loves a sweet breakfast or afternoon tea.

Bellevue for me is also a small hike, so I was relieved when Valkyrie announced that they were collaborating with Uber Eats to get these donuts delivered within the city. Sometime last week, I popped into Uber Eats and ordered half a dozen donuts to choose from, as well as a side of their Churro Nuggs, described on the Valkyrie website as “little holes for donuts wrapped in sugar with cinnamon-style chura”.

click to enlarge Glazed donut Valkryie - CP PHOTO: DANI JANAE

CP Photo: Dani Janae

Glazed donut Valkryie

You can order a dozen or a half dozen donuts and a side of Churro Nuggs with 13 or 20 pieces. The store also has a selection of vegan cookies, including Red Velvet.

I really liked the idea of ​​not knowing which donuts I would get, so when they came, I was pleasantly surprised. There were two simple glazed donuts, one with pink glaze and icing, two with pink glaze and golden rain and one with ice with black and gold splashes.

I started with a black and gold room and it was loaded with sugar icing that first caught me by surprise. I knew it would be sweet, but didn’t know how sweet it was. The dough itself is perfectly balanced and light, which was really the most important thing for me. It gives the feeling of a classic donut that I so longed for.

I then tried one with a regular glaze that had a brightness that I thought could be achieved with lemon juice. Whatever the peel in the glaze, I thought it was perfect, along with the rest of the treat. Sweet, tender and fluffy, these donuts were my second favorite in this party.

My favorites were pink with ice with gold glaze. After tasting them, I realized that the glaze was based on strawberries or raspberries, and the golden glaze was lemon-flavored. On some bites the glaze hardened and gave a slightly crunchy texture that I liked. The fruit glaze tasted a little more sophisticated than the first one I tried, so I liked it much more. The addition of lemon added to the spiciness I talked about earlier

well praised the dough. Churro Nuggs, rolled in cinnamon sugar, were a little uneven. Some were just right and others were a little tough. I still found them a good treat at a great price.

I will definitely be getting donuts at this store again and maybe bring a friend with me.

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