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PHILADELPHIA – Captain Phyllis Joe Girardi took a break Sunday from growing attacks on his leadership style.

It was Dave Roberts, who has three pennants and one World Series title in six seasons with the Los Angeles Dodgers, who was torn for putting balance in second place and a potential run on board when he bypassed Kyle Schwarber with a 2-1 leadership in the ninth inning.

But there was more. Phyllis staged plays. Even Girard’s biggest hater will find it hard to live with the steps he took that greatly influenced his 4-3 victory over the Dodgers.

Offended by the deliberate gait, Jean Segura sent the game into extra innings from a single player game. From there, Phyllis found the most unusual way to win thanks to the Girardie movement.

Gareth Stubbs, who replaced the catcher J. T. Realmouth, has already felt his presence in his first home run in MLB. When the “Phyllis” absolutely needed a climb to the 10th, the “Dodgers” bounced forward, running at the top of the frame, Stubbs struck in the backyard against Evan Phillips.

Realmut, who entered the game at first base, rushed to third with a dive slide. Thinking the ball had moved away from the third man from Justin Turner’s base, Realmut headed home only to be caught trying to get back to the bag after realizing the mistake. This was the first way out.

With two exits, a substitution defense and a squeeze candidate, Quinn was on the plate. He hit one to the right, pushing Stubbs to third, and used his speed to reach the second in the throw.

This gave the game to Alec Bohm, who was 1-on-4 with three throws. Bohm brought the ball into play with a touchdown to score that Max Muncie groped, allowing Stubbs to score. By the time Muncie took possession of the ball, Quinn was gliding around Austin Barnes ’catcher shortcut for the winner.

“It’s a fantastic win,” Girardi said. “If you think about the seven games we played with the Dodgers, then we fought them with our teeth and nails for seven games in a row. But today you have received a great contribution from many people.

“Gareth Stubbs, huge. Roman Quinn gets a big hit and ends up scoring because of his speed. The reason we summoned Roman was because of his ability to base run just because it makes a difference. He is the only one on our team who kills. Probably one of the few in the league that kills. So, this is a great victory. “

This was for the critics. And this … For the first time since 2012, Phyllis avoided the Dodgers being injured at home. Girardi, who played in the league for 15 years, has been a manager for 14 years. He won his 1117th game to win the WS title with the Yankees.

This season Girardi is also 4-3 against the Dodgers. By the way, the Dodgers were leading 24-0 when leading after six innings until Sunday.

Another player who received applause from Girardi, was the starting point Zach Eflin, who registered the highest in his career 12 draws. The elf called it a “team victory all the way”.

The Phillies have a 19-22 record this season, up from 21-20 after 41 games last year. There is a lot of work. And if Girardi gets a chance to finish the season, there is every reason to believe that his reworked team will get comfort.

Before the game Girardi boldly took on the question of growing criticism as a result of losing five of the six at home after Phyllis went 5-2 on a trip to the West Coast.

“I’ve been criticized all my life,” Girardi said. “When I was recruited in college, I was told I could play a second non-conference doubleheader game. And I laughed, I didn’t go to that school.

“It’s the nature of the game, isn’t it? If you rule and do not win, you will be criticized. This is part of the game. It’s just part of the game and you grow up knowing it. What we do as employees is something we keep working on and we keep encouraging. We keep trying to help them get better every day. And that’s all we can do. “

The work paid off on Sunday, just in time for the trip to play with the Atlanta Braves World Series champion.

Girard and Phyllis found a way to win. It’s huge.

“Think about (pitching) the staff we’ve faced,” Girardi said. “You can see the ERAs they post on the board. There are a lot of people who don’t score a lot of points. Today we have found a way to get one more than they do. ”

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