Visit to Philadelphia names first black woman president / CEO

For her part, Val has worked for nearly 17 years in the nonprofit Visit Philadelphia, which is funded primarily by taxes on Philadelphia County hotels; The National Committee of the DNC and the Philadelphia Convention Bureau and the Visitors Bureau, which is responsible for attracting conventions and meetings to the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Val is the chief operating officer of Tempest, a commercial company in Philadelphia that creates websites and other marketing materials for cities and destinations across the United States.

However, Val said she intends to go slow when she gives the helm to a nonprofit group on June 27th.

“First of all I would like to go on a tour to listen and meet with staff, board and people relevant to our areas such as hotels, retail stores, business leaders and the public to make sure whatever the vision and long term goals that we have, we built them on the basis of cooperation, ”Val said. “I think it is too early now to say what these long-term goals will be. In the short term, I really want to make sure that there is a smooth transition and get into this role. “

That way, she will be able to report it in a couple of months, she said.

According to Val, her management style is shared.

“I’m the one who leads with empathy,” Val said. “I really believe in‘ we ’and want to make sure that the work we do as Visit Philly, as the tourism industry in Philadelphia, we do together because I believe that together we are stronger. ”

Her longtime friend and colleague Grove of Grimm & Grove Communications agreed.

“Recently with the World Cup, when Angela worked in the Convention Bureau and Visitors, she helped unite the Sports Congress, the city and us as external consultants on the organization. She really looked ahead and saw that it was a big job and she organized and then hit COVID, and the bureau faced layoffs and extreme problems, and Angela intervened in internal matters such as personnel and budget management, but she kept betting . seeing how important the city and tourism are ”.

Philadelphia is vying for the 2026 World Cup, the largest and most famous international football championship. The winner city is expected to be announced in June.

Grove and Val speculated that she was the first black woman to head a visit to Philadelphia.

“I think she has a unique qualification for this job because of her experience,” Grove said. “I think it is very good for the city to have another woman leader, another leader, someone in the leadership who represents the diversity of this city. “It’s a bonus, of course,” Grove said. “I think everyone who works in the tourism industry in our region has a great sense of confidence, cooperation and excitement when we think Angela is in control.”

According to Val, she may be the first black woman to lead a nonprofit tour group, but she does not expect to be the last.

“Now that I’ve thought about it quite a bit, I hope people like me will take it upon themselves to take the opportunity if they have the opportunity,” Val said. “The visit to Philadelphia will continue because they were really great at promoting the black and brown business and their history not just in one company but in every topic every day.”


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